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Russia Ballet 2019 presents Romeo & Juliet

Publishing Date : 11 February, 2019


OP Advertising in association with Russian cultural manager, Edouard Miasnikov, has announced the 2019 tour of the Royal Moscow Ballet to Southern Africa presenting three pieces; Tchaikovsky&39;s, Romeo and Juliet Overture, and Fantasy.

The tour will visit Gaborone Mantlwaneng Theatre at Westwood International School on the 5th of March and will be hosted in the evening. “Royal Moscow Ballet has toured successfully around the globe presenting more than a thousand performances. The company, which consists of graduates of the best Russian choreography, ballet and dance schools, premiered as the Royal Moscow Ballet on the 12August 2002,’ Clientele Services Manager, Annastancia Chiyanike explained to WeekendLife.

This tour continues from last year’s theme which celebrates Great Russian composer, Pyotr IlyichT Tchaikovsky. All ballets for this tour are choreographed by a professional. “This time two pieces are on the bill, Romeo and Juliet which is one of the best loved one act ballets, featuring a score by Tchaikovsky, based on Shakespeare's tragic tale of star-crossed young lovers,” she explained. Chiyanike however explained to WeekendLife the show is mostly attended by expatriates, members of Embassies, local ballet schools, families and corporates.

According to her feedback, she said Batswana have been showing much interest is this event. She also hinted that ballets from local schools will also be performing during this event. “People who understand ballet are excited and a lot of people are also relating to Romeo and Juliet as narrated by William Shakespeare,” she said.

About Romeo & Juliet Ballet

The story Romeo and Juliet has inspired the greatest Choreographers and Ballerinas throughout the world. Romeo & Juliet meet at a ball and fall passionately in love despite their families being feuding, sworn enemies. This heartbreaking tale is the perfect marriage of dramatic musical score and passionate but tragic love story, it’s every ballet fans dream production.

“Come witness the world’s greatest tragic love story and exhilarating musical score come to life right before your eyes with the Royal Moscow Ballets gifted company of Ballerinas, breathtakingly beautiful costumes and stage decorations,” she said. Tickets are currently on sale through the WebTickets network and agents located at most Spar stores and the Riverwalk Kiosk



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