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Magaya visits Botswana

Publishing Date : 11 February, 2019


Zimbabwean self-proclaimed prophet Walter Magaya visited Botswana this week for a crusade to preach the gospel of Christ where multitudes of Christian came to receive grace.

Magaya is amongst a group of young, brash and flashy religious figures who have emerged during Zimbabwe's economic crisis, attracting a huge number of followers with promises of miracle healing. In a short interview with Weekendlife, Magaya revealed that his church has three satellites or branches in Botswana being Francistown, Palapye and Maun respectively.

“I came here to connect with my children, share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ and one other reason I came here to Botswana is because I want to connect with the elders her in Botswana,” he shared with the publication. Magaya further said since he is into mining industry and owns 36 mines in Zimbabwe, if the government of Botswana can approach him to expand his business in Botswana, he will definitely consider that.

On his message he shared with his followers, he talked about unlocking ones gifts or value so that the world can know who you are, however he further point out that there are things which can hinder someone from achieving success like holding grudges, and lack of forgiveness.  “To bring down your blessings, one needs to have two types of faith, that is human faith and time for God,” he shared with his congregations. He however promised his followers will come Botswana again next week and urged his followers to tell others so that they can come and receive their blessings.



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