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BABUSA wants all martial arts under one umbrella

Publishing Date : 04 February, 2019


Botswana All Budo Styles Association (BABUSA) wants all the martial arts; karate, Judo, Taekwondo to fall under one umbrella body for the purpose of advancing the interest of the involved codes better. Speaking to WeekendSport, the founding member of the association Thuto Thuto said there is strength in numbers and everything can be accomplished when all martial arts are united.

“You see sporting codes go through various issues from lack of leadership, to mismanagement of money and ill-treatment of athletes. We are one nation, not a mixing bowl of unknown ingredients, but instead a melting pot of incredible martial arts talent that should be sought out, recognized, nurtured and developed for the benefit of the country,” he stated. BABUSA’s mission and objective is to set an example to other martial codes that in the business of martial arts, all are welcomed, not just a select few due to situation or circumstances.

 In addition BABUSA want to prove that more can be accomplished when jealousy, ego, disrespect, lack of tolerance and understanding is dealt with. Thuto said they have several different clubs spread across Botswana that are affiliate member schools underneath the BABUSA umbrella.  The clubs represent the three main countries of origin for most systemized martial arts as they are known today; Japan, Korea and China. Currently, BABUSA is not yet affiliated member of Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) he said.

He said they hosted tournament in April 2018 without the financial assistance from the government since they are not affiliated member of BNSC.  According to Thuto the tournament was a success as it brought the African Continent’s very first all styles and is a platform for open martial arts tournament, showcasing several different systems, styles and countries in competition. “In April, we will be again competing in the 2nd tournament of its' kind, the 13th African Open Karate and Martial Arts Championships in Cape Town, South Africa.

BABUSA National Competition Team will soon be undergoing selections from its affiliate clubs and begin training soon after, Thuto said. He stated that they hope to once again take contingent of fighters to South Africa for competition.  This therefore means that all events will be fully sponsored from organisers’ pockets.

“On February 1st until 3rd, we will be travelling to Johannesburg South Africa to compete in the 'Kagami Baraki', an all-styles training retreat where we will share our particular systems skills and knowledge with theirs in attendance, thereby building brotherhood, friendship, and camaraderie with other martial artists affiliated to the U.W.K.F. from across the world” he shared with Weekendsport.

Thuto further said they have been invited to Russia by TAFISA; world martial arts governing body to attend, showcase, and compete in World Martial Arts Festival scheduled for September 13th-17th in Russia.  And as result they will take a contingent of 10 participants to represent Botswana. This is seen as a great honour and privilege for them as BABUSA and even for Botswana.



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