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Don’t overspend on fashion this festive

Publishing Date : 18 December, 2018


The Christmas excitement is here, the hype can already be felt throughout. Each and every one of us already has plans for this season. Travelling, shopping, leisure may be some of the activities if not all that most are looking forward to. Year-in year-out most fall into the snare of brokenness in January.

Do not be a victim this year, December does not always mean maniac Christmas shopping dread.  Christmas shopping must not leave you bankrupt. Since your to-do-list is mounting up, we sought the most useful tips for you. The first and foremost tip to consider during this festive is shopping alone. Do not plan too much, everything will be done quicker without any distractions, so you’ll avoid comments like, ‘ why not get both?’ which inevitably will lead to disagreements like, ‘why not?’ and cause a rant of why you should get it. Be careful not to fall into the trap of shopping in packs this festive. Make your shopping list and hit the shops.

When in doubt of what you want buy a functional rather than frivolous item, refrain from buying items that you’ll only put on once in a while. Instead, get something you will use at the office, church, picnics…we have all been victims of that one dress, blouse trouser we bought and only wore once.  It is so frustrating having to look at it every day when you open your wardrobe and wondering, ‘why did I even buy this?’ do not get anything that is rather pushy or invasive addition to your wardrobe.

Sometimes you do not really need shopping as much as you think you do. Avoid impulsive buying, but in a situation where you really addicted to shopping during the festive season, get a winter accessory. Immediately after your summer comes winter, winter clothes come in cheaper during the festive season. Look out for those! Trust me you wouldn’t have to worry about winter when it approaches, they will come in handy.  Everybody loves good chunky knit scarfs, socks and they are a classic gift for you. You will agree with me these are one of those items you forget to buy so take this as a treat for yourself.

A personal tip to leave by; shop throughout the year. Avoid congested shopping in November as it is easy to get sucked into buying impulsively in a stressful environment. Rather do your shopping throughout the year, saves time and money. Make use of specials and black Friday deals, it’s not about being cheap it is about your budget stretching for a little more luxury.  You will be able to spend it on the most important things during your festive season, in fact when everybody is crying in the new year about how broke they are you will have dodged the bullet of being stranded.

Ineeleng Kavindama, queen of fashion cautions against unnecessary spending on luxuries. “Set a maximum budget for yourself and don’t exceed it. Before going shopping write a list of essential items that you need to buy and don’t exceed it. Most importantly clear off major expenses for the New Year. Avoid impressing friends and relatives by competing with them in terms of spending because you might not be on the same level,” Kavindama said.



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