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First couple sets tone for MPs

Publishing Date : 18 December, 2018


In the recent past, especially during the last eight years when Botswana did not have a First Lady, it was unusual for public officials to bring their spouses with them at official events.

But this culture seems to be changing. After a decade of a presidency without a First Lady, the arrival of President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi and First Lady Neo Masisi at the State House, a new approach bordering on family values is taking over. The first couple have been nothing but an inspiration to Members of Parliament (MPs) after a series of state events that showcased the first couple taking their union to the next level, enticing legislators to follow suit.

At a recent luncheon hosted by the First couple for all MPs, on December 12th at the State House to appreciate them before breaking for Christmas holiday, WeekendLife was rather intrigued by scores of MPs who are taking a leaf from Mr President’s book by showing-off their wives. In a world of broken families, it is necessary that the leadership express gestures that show true love, and value for the marriage institution.

Tshekedi Khama and Thea Khama who turned up in a rather lavish and stylish costumes were amongst many couples who turned up in style for the event.  Nonofo Molefhi, Bagalatia Arone, Biggie Butale to mention but a few, also made a very notable entrance with their wives.
The ever-dazzling recently married couple, Kitso Mokaila and his young wife have also commanded a lot of people’s attention with their ‘lit’ sense of dressing and their unforced union which makes them even more admirable. The two are rightly executing their occasions, tagging perfectly.

Talk about the spark that grew within Masisi and his wife, the two have been doing everything commendably together lately and the display of marital bliss has been a beauty to behold and has even forced many to sit down and take notes. The first couple has probably made their affection contagious hence the love bug has also been able to catch the MPs.

 The fashion sense has been top notch and WeekendLife could not help noticing the transition that has taken place within the MPs ever since Masisi ascended to the presidency. Although some MPs are still turning up alone, hopefully very soon they will find it fit to notice the beauty and the value of it in the eyes of the public.

It is without doubt that the country has been waiting in much anticipation to have a First Lady and finally she is here, and everyone seems to have welcomed her and has settled perfectly in their hearts. When Barack Obama was sworn into as the President of America, his leadership as President was not only an admiration and an inspiration to many but everyone loved how he had a heart for his wife and his children. Leadership that honors family is everything!



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