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Nandos launches Home Delivery Service

Publishing Date : 10 December, 2018

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Nandos retail outlet has launched a service of delivering their ever-mouthwatering cuisine at their customers’ doorstep. The home delivery service did not only get their customers excited, but they are very much glad that the ever-delicate chicken can now be availed at their convenience.

The General Manager of Nandos Botswana, Challenge Nhamoyebonde explained that they did so because they wanted to tap into the new market to avail their menu at people’s convenience. “We are a reactive brand to the customer requirement. Customers had literally said this is what we want. Everything that we do, we are customer oriented and therefore we have listened, and the customers have given us this kind of feedback throughout our Phakalane and Francistown and therefore we decided to implement this,’ he said.

He also highlighted that they also understand that there are traditional delivery restaurants who primarily do this. “We are doing this as Nandos and we have taken a lot of time to research and to train our staff and ensure that when we enter into this market we do not disappoint,” he explained. Furthermore, the initiative was to add more value to what the customers have demanded. Currently many people are ordering the delivery services like never before. These services are available in Gaborone, Phakalane and Francistown and each restaurant has been given three motorbikes



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