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Apostle Keitumele writes his own story

Publishing Date : 27 November, 2018


Known for his multi talents, Apostle Joel Keitumele of HIS Church has published a booked titled, ‘My Testimony,’ which details his life journey through phases, his talent and ministry.

My Testimony delivers a perfect narration of Keitumele’s journey of life. The book recounts that life challenges are a very small wave compared to the outpouring rain of blessings flowing from God’s throne. He shared with WeekendLife that the idea of a book came about after he noticed that it was a necessary move as a radio and television personality.

“People have been writing stories about me and I felt it was time I tell my story. They will know Joel from all the schools. Primary times, senior times and tertiary. They will understand my side of acting performances as well as my challenges and how I overcame them,” he said. In his book, he explained how the character of ‘Ntsoro’ came about and how he was able to bring the character to life.

“I used this character to convey multiple jokes in the show, this I did to make Mokaragana talent show spicy and a bit more developed, so that people can flow with the concurrent move of newly engineered vibes that were televised every Saturday on Botswana Television,” he explained. He said his efforts did not prove futile and neither did he labour in vain as the character was appreciated countrywide, even outside the country. This made the show to retain a great number of viewership.

Keitumele also explains in his book the issue regarding his call to the ministry. He shares that the transition in his life propelled him to respond to the call of God. “The call had always been there. In 2011 the call came very strong because I ignored it hence making me to suffer. When I made this decision, many questions began to spin through my head as I pondered without emerging answers as to how I was going to cope with the demands of life,” he explained.

He said after making a decision to follow God he had to attend trainings. He did a short course with Pastor Chris and linked himself with servants of God so that he could be grounded, further ensruing that he receives proper training for the ministry. Rolling back a bit, Keitumele shares his history with music in this book.

He says io 2000 he released his first album dubbed, ‘I live to worship Jehovah,’ then in 2004 he released his second album called Saatane Tshaba and later bellowed his title Roma Nna in 2010. After taking a pause in his music career, to what he explains as having to be in a closet with God, the famous Apostle says he will finally be releasing another album soon.



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