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BFA to heed CAF call

Publishing Date : 16 February, 2015


FIFA development officer Ashford Mamelodi

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) is expected to settle an agreement with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) over what is termed an ‘overnight proposal’ to allow officials of any age to serve on CAF committees.

BFA ‘s president, Tebogo Sebego who also sits in the CAF committee is expected to advocate for an emotive need to scrape off the age limit rule and elucidate further how it would be beneficial in the overall progress of the game.

African states are expected to assemble in Cairo, Egypt to further deliberate on the issue of age limit on the 7-8 of April this year and this reporter has it on good authority that the BFA will push for the approval of the proposal, in a bid to advocate for the CAF president ISSA Hayatou to serve another four year term from 2017.

In the previous edition of AFCON, Sebego, who is part of the organising committee of CAF  sat on the review committee and was instrumental in a decision made to reverse Burkina Faso’s Jonathan Patriopa‘s red card in the finals against Angola.

With the referee who booked Patriopa with a red card later being suspended, Sebego’s remarks reached an intriguing stage, and Hayatou was believed to be impressed by him. That alone tells a story of the local mother body and CAF hierarchy.

Those in support of CAF and its president, where BFA is believed to retain merited love, say that CAF wants to align its rules with the world governing body, FIFA. An insider has revealed, “FIFA does not have any age limit for committee members so CAF wants to bring their rules in line with them.”

The football association is therefore anticipated to give the proposal a thumbs up mostly because of its president’s seat in one of the committees of CAF and because, it would be seen as hypocrisy on the part of BFA, should it oppose CAF.  The alleged calculated move by CAF will see the Cameroon born Hayatou hold on to power beyond 2017.

Countries like Angola, Tunisia and Algeria are already pouring cold water over the proposal, but Botswana will however be ticking the affirmative box, reports say.

FIFA development officer Ashford Mamelodi, who spoke on his personal capacity, believes there should be a defined time limit for everyone. This, he said should be the case because there would be a smooth transition in as far as football development is concerned.

“I believe there should be a term specifically meant to guide every official seeking to extend power in office. This would be beneficial for the overall growth of the game as everyone will come and complete his mandate and move on,” he said.

Given the scale of the challenges facing the sport and CAF, which has been under fire in recent years over long-standing corruption allegations and the chaotic process that saw some CAF officials turning down a decision to move the AFCON tournament to another favourable month, some African states believe it is vital that there be a proper debate about the game's future and that of its governing body.

The current rules, which have been in practice over time, prevent CAF official serving beyond age 70. Hayatou is now 68 years old and come April he is guaranteed support from Botswana and other states to serve CAF beyond the age of 70.
At the time of going to press, BFA’s Sebego was unavailable for comment.



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