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Morupisi is letting the Presidency down

Publishing Date : 20 November, 2018

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President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi should, as a matter of public interest relieve the Permanent Secretary to the President Carter Morupisi of his duties.  Or as a minimum program, redeploy him.

Morupisi has since, the beginning of President Masisi’s tenure in office made decisions that have continued to compromise the country’s stability with regard to handling the relationship between the former President, Lt Gen Ian Khama and the incumbent, Masisi. While the fall out between Masisi and Khama may be purely as a result of political factors, it is evident that Morupisi has played a key role in making decisions that have exacerbated the relationship.

What is of utmost importance to the country now, is for Khama and Masisi to reconcile, even if they do not share the same vision politically, it is necessary that none of them is behaving in a manner that compromise the national security of this country. It is against this goal that, the manner in which the PSP has been behaving qualifies his dismissal from work. His stay as the most senior public servant is no longer tenable given his continued actions on his former boss.  

Morupisi has deliberately, using state media lied to the public about his actions in Palapye when he tried to humiliate Khama in one of the routine Kgotla meetings the latter was addressing. His behaviour is contrary to what is expected from the most senior civil servant. In essence, Morupisi’s actions have been devoid of dignity and integrity.

This week should be a watershed moment in deciding the fate of Morupisi. With Masisi having openly admitted that all is not well between him and his predecessor and having promise to continue engaging with Khama over the matter, it was necessary that government behaviour in a way that is not at variance with its promise. After Deputy Permanent Secretary to the President, Elias Magosi was sent by Masisi to continue reconciliation efforts with Khama. Khama has admitted that there was a milestone achievement in terms of what was agreed between him and Magosi.

We learnt that during the engagement, a lot of ill-conceived decisions that were made by Morupisi were reversed, among them; the decision to withdraw staff from Khama’s office. On hearing this, Morupisi confronted Khama and his office where he tried to undermine what Magosi and Khama had discussed by bring ultimatums regarding reconciliation. Not only did he make everything difficult, he also lied when he said he was sent by Masisi, a serious act tantamount to insubordination.

Khama has even sworn never to engage him in the future and that if Masisi wishes to smoke peace pipe with him, he should not use people like Morupisi as convenors. It has turned-out that President Masisi regrets some of the decisions made by Morupisi which have embarrassed and put him in bad light. Few days before Masisi’s maiden State of Nation Address (SONA) Office of the President released a statement signed by Deputy PSP, Magosi indicating President Masisi’s regrets about Morupisi’s actions.

If that was not enough, the statement affirm that Masisi is in support of the privileges that his predecessor enjoys as former president. This was in the backdrop of Morupisi trying to undermine such privileges, including the decision to deny Khama a lift in Debswana aircraft few months ago. Government will regretful had to reimburse Khama P50 000 later, a cost that was not necessary to incur in the first place. The very fact that Masisi himself no longer entrust Morupisi with core responsibilities mean that he does not trust him; and has therefore lost faith in his abilities.

Morupisi has become a burden both for Masisi and the country. It is our since belief that Morupisi has proved to be incompetent in handling serious issues, and if he is not relieved off his duties, he is likely to cause more harm than good to the Masisi administration. The office of PSP is too important to be used for personal vendetta. There are many individuals both in and outside government who can be appointed to such office. Individuals who have selflessly served this country and possess the gravitas the office of PSP requires.



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