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Meet adriana, the bikini fitness model

Publishing Date : 20 November, 2018


In a profession that is highly dominated by men, Adriana Mapitse keeps on soaring and pushing boundaries to open doors for other fellow women who are willing to become fitness models.

The 22-year-old Lobatse native who is currently studying Bachelors in Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) at the University of Botswana has revealed that she has always been a fitness fanatic despite her small body frame. This has earned her the name “Miss Little Muscle”. She is not new to the fitness game as in March 24th this year, she won the Designer Physique’s ‘Miss Fitness Bikini’ competition and later won EKM Classic’s Miss Fitness Bikini competition in EKM 4th May 2018.

Adriana recently competed twice in South Africa, Pretoria under the Nabba/World Fitness Federation on the 1st September and 29th September 2018 and took position 6 which qualified her to the national  level still in Pretoria, South Africa, where she did not perform well to proceed to the World Champions which will be held this year on the 4th November  in the United States of America.

“I am a fitness competitor and currently my category of preference is fitness bikini which highly favors my physique. Even though I am a small frame, I have good muscle development and I respond well to diet and training.” said Adriana. She stated, that she started embarking on the fitness journey around June 2017, with no specific goal at mind and later changed in 2018 when she now interested in competing and she has eight months as a professional bikini fitness model and she is already seeing it paying off because of how far she has come in terms of competing.

Although this field has been dominated by men, Adriana stated that. in Botswana, competition is not as tough for the female athletes because of the low number of existing female competitors. Being one of the reasons why she saw the need to compete in South Africa in order to gain some experience and even get exposure in the industry because she sees a lot of potential in Batswana women who are also into this fitness model industry, she still believes that the is still room for improvement to engage women who are interested in fitness model in order to allow it to grow and have many women competing for Botswana.

“There are different categories which vary according to the size of an athlete, their conditioning, symmetry and even age. Stage presentation really matters. You want to give the judges the best view and angles of those muscles that you've been working so hard on developing, making emphasis on the legs, the glutes, the arms, the back and the abdominals, “she explained.

Moreover, Adriana said that body building is a sport and the athletes sacrifice a lot to battle one another on stage. Giving up eating habits, intensifying training and following the set training program. She said that there are many challenges she faces from time to time as a fitness model as there is lack of adequate cash flow because body building sport is financially demanding.

“From dieting, training, travelling for competitions, stage costumes, tanning and accommodation during outside competitions. Also finding balance between social life, school can be challenging, the other issue that is evident is that most Batswana know little to nothing about this industry and it comes with a lot of criticism which requires a strong mind to survive,” she said.

Adriana said that she aspires to be a fitness trainer and nutritionist because she will be able to assist other people as she is inspired by Gontse Sechele who is her mentor, and is currently helping upcoming fitness athletes like her to make it in the fitness industry. She further advised upcoming athletes to test their limits and be sure about the career path they are about to take and avoid comparison and work on improving themselves.



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