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BFA accuses DC tours of breach

Publishing Date : 19 November, 2018


Botswana Football Association (BFA) has terminated the contract of one of their partners, DC tours, roughly five months into the relationship accusing them of contract breach. The association says the company was not ready and has since replaced them with another travel and booking company known as Sky ways.

The football association says the former travel and tours company was caught failing to adhere to the terms of the contract-a procedure that ultimately affected the game negatively. According to information, DC tours and BFA signed a three-year deal where the company was to sponsor regional football with P1 million per season, which amount to P3 million in three years. It is said it was agreed that every other details concerning contract specification were to commence on July 2018.  

BFA moles say DC tours was to first pop-out P250 000 that was to go straight into administration tray of regional football. However, according to the association, the company failed to honour their part even after a series of communication was sent to them. The association is of the view that it took this bold decision to terminate so as to protect and manage the negative publicity surrounding the game.

However, DC Tours said that the association was never serious with them just from the onset.  They have also accused the BFA for neglecting and failing to engage them particularly on issues that deal with travelling. The association announced that their partnership with skyways is a strategic one.  The company is expected to sponsor regional football with P250 000 per year for a duration of three seasons.  The finances are expected to play part in youth development project as well as women football.

The Sky ways company is also expected to manage BFA travelling services at a lower rate. The association is breaking sweat to secure as many sponsors as it can to help professionalise domestic football.  However, they are set to climb a high mountain while confronting a mammoth task of staying afloat with finances.

 WeekendSport has established that the BFA’s pockets are now deeper than the ocean. The new administration as led by president Mac Lean Letshwiti claims to have inherited a P10 million deficit and 2 years on, the shortfall has reached the P18 million red marks.
BFA says the problem is complicated by some regions who are misusing funds. The BFA’s 17 regions are given P510 000 to govern their football affairs.

However, last week, the association suspended First Division North committee on grounds that they failed to account. A year ago, Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) observed that there was lack of segregation of roles that ultimately led to fraud together with insufficient accountability particularly that procurement was not handled by the right person for the job.

This led to the association failing to adequately retire funds back to BNSC by the end of 2017 financial year. The commission had recommended that the BFA management ensure best practices are put in place. The anomaly where nobody knows what they are doing at the finances offices has drastically left the association battling difficult financial doldrums.



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