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Like wine, Mogorosi gets better

Publishing Date : 19 November, 2018


In this season of utmost deluge, Joel Mogorosi‘s image and familiar sight around football circles stand still. The Township Roller striker no longer likes crossing the ball   but putting the ball in the back of the net.  Not only has he scored in as  many matches of the club -8times in 11 matches this season, invoking the debate in favour of his return to lead the line for The Zebras under David Bright  again.

It is of course a turnaround for a player whom Bloemfontein Celtic off-loaded three seasons ago with a mediocre record of goals. This season Kaunda is scoring at will as he enjoys more game time at the Jagdish Shah powered project. His goal ratio of 1.4 per game shows that he is prolific striker deserving all accolades. Not even Mogorosi himself has answers to his impressive start. When quizzed to explain his surprising rise into the upper echelons of the goal scoring ranks, the speedy attacker quivered.

“I do not even know where this is coming from,” he said. But the truth of the matter is that with Rollers, he enjoys every moment in a position he always loved. He has done that before. He won the golden boot with Mochudi Center Chiefs during the 2011-12 scoring a remarkable 26 goals. But there is another explanation beyond the positional or metaphysical. Mogorosi‘s purple patch is not a wild aberration or statistical outlier. He has always been talented, as he showed by scoring remarkable goals even when playing for Celtic of South Africa.

Only that his goals were not recorded while at former premier league campaigners BMC FC, but the varnished statistics could have masked the real picture. At that club he was a bit part actor in a giant theatre ensemble: he got a short scene here and a cameo there.
In some ways it is understandable that Mogorosi's ability was overlooked for so long. He is not a pricey old player orchid or a delicate bud in the first stages of bloom. He is a 30 something-year-old individual, who flowered a little later than others. But the exciting thing for Rollers is that he is getting better with age; just like wine.

Playing alongside fellow striker and countrymen Tumisang ‘Teenage’ Orebonye undoubtedly helps.  The striker not only leads his team in shots on target, but he is a distraction and a tease: He attracts defenders' eyes that might otherwise be focused elsewhere. But Mogorosi has scored when Orebonye has been absent and when Rollers have been more defensive. His goals are instrumental into pushing Rollers—a club dominating in football circles—first from top 8 finish to group stages of the CAF competition.

Mogorosi's scoring run cannot go on forever, of course.  He eyes this season’s golden boot as his contract is coming to an end.  He nearly did it last season, but his performance was dulled by injuries and suspensions. But right now he is bubbling and the future seems effervescent with possibilities.



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