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Terry Pheto British Film to Premiere in Botswana

Publishing Date : 08 October, 2018


Terry Pheto British Film will be showcased in Botswana for the first time after it first premiered at the Durban International Festival. The film which is dubbed ‘Faces’ is set to awe its viewers towards the end of November, venue is yet to be confirmed.

"FACES" is a multi-narrative film that follows a group of characters as their lives begin to unravel. The film comprises of four relatable storylines: a stale marriage and hopes that a pregnancy will change things for the better; a gay couple that falls apart after infidelity; friends who've drifted apart; and a young woman with financial troubles.

The film which was shot in London, will have its exclusive world premiere in Botswana. International award-winning South African born actress Terry Pheto takes the lead in the new international feature film. In an Interview with WeekendLife, host and founder of Donald Molosi Entertainment explained that he is exploring Botswana as a destination for international film.

‘That way we have major film events with big stars open here at home,” he said. Molosi explained that the film follows various narratives of African expatriates living in the United Kingdom where Terry Pheto plays the lead. “It was filmed in London,” he added. For film enthusiasts and viewers, Molosi said that they should expect to see an excellent film, and also to interact with their favorite stars!

Speaking to the Director of the film, Joseph Adesunloye explained that the multi narrative film was inspired by the need to tackle several important topics through film. “These were stories that we wanted to shine some light on. And I wanted to do a film that was different to White Colour Black in tone,” he said. Adesunloye hinted that the most interesting thing that, people will be surprised by some of the actions of the characters in the film.

“The nature of friendships, love, truthfulness and the need for people to be allowed and to be to be able to live their own lives really punches through after you watch FACES,” he said. The director further added that bringing Faces to Botswana is a privilege.

“The film had its World Premiere at the Durban International Film Festival and has just won Best Feature Film 2018 at another festival in South Africa, so for me Botswana is an important next step. I want to help facilitate a sense of access to more diverse and international films coming here,” he said. The premiere aim to give allow local filmmakers to see what is happening in other parts of the world and to aspire to be part of the global filmmaking family.

“For the actors I want them to continue to look at amazing actors and actresses like Terry Pheto who is in the film and realize that a global career in acting is possible. I want inspire them and I want to work with them,” he explained. The film is intended for anyone over the age of 18.

“The film sparks a lot of conversations, so I think people in their groups of friends watching it will have a lot to discuss. There are several issues that affect men and women in the film. Men will certainly have serious conversations amongst themselves if history is to go by from previous screenings and women will hopefully go on an empowering journey,” he said.



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