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Vee Mampeezy goes back to Kasi

Publishing Date : 08 October, 2018


King of Kwaito, Vee Mampeezy who just released a hit song dubbed, ‘Dololo,’ will be returning soon with another hit song but this time around will be collaborating with other kwaito stars, Mingo, Eskimos, Exodus and Zolasko. The song is set to be released in December.

The talented stars, who enjoyed success under Black Money Makers stable and have been quiet for some time now, are set to bring back the spark that used to burn in Kwaito Kwasa. When speaking to this publication, Vee explained that the song is still being ‘baked.’ “We are bringing back Black Money Makers. We have a song we are doing together. The song is crazy, it is definitely going to be a great one,” he said.

Although the Vee was hesitant to reveal the name of the song, he explained that his first hit songs, will always brand him well in his music career. “I will always remember where I come from,” he explained. Letlhale la Tsamaya hit maker explained that working with these young men was an amazing thing ever.“It was very nice; there were lots of emotions behind. It was so beautiful. Just the re-union, was just impeccable,” he explained.

Mingo known for ‘Tsotsi’ hit and Eskimos who made waves with their popular songs, ‘G-Wawa’ and ‘Mpulele,’ among others as well as Exodus are set to bring something immense, together with Zolasko and Vee Mampeezy. “Expect the stuff you did not know about us,” Vee said. Vee, who appeared in the music scene in 2000, explained that people should understand that the kwaito star who sings gospel today is still the kwaito star even today.

“People should know it is one person and that they cannot divide the two. It’s time to unleash and I can still go back and do gospel and still go back to Kasi,” he explained When Dololo was released most Batswana were happy that the star is finally dating Batswana back to the old days when he used to dish the music which made him a household name. Vee, has however confirmed that Batswana should expect more of Kasi songs going forward.

When commenting on the Dololo hit song, he explained that dololo is a guiding song and that it depends on how people take it. “It basically guides people going through situations. That when a person is at their lowest point in life, people will always talk,” said.



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