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Mmina: Nijel’s new catch?

Publishing Date : 03 October, 2018


The 800m athlete Nijel Amos, recently surfaced social media after his bare photo with Mmina Gaebonwe captioned, ‘baby I love you,’ took the social media by shock. Amos who has been in a relationship with Modioki Gaborone seem to be having a ‘thing’ going with Mmina for quite some time now.

Mmina Gaebonwe is one of Botswana models representing Botswana beyond the borders. She is signed with Boss Models Management in South Africa. While she is building her career she also appreciates the impact and potential of a creative economy; and she intends to work with other creatives to create growth in the industry. The notable model has also started a career as an actress and has been making appearing in a series dubbed, ‘Catching Feelings’ which is airing on Netflix.

Recently she visited the country where she did a lot of charity work and other business deals. It was not long when Mmina just landed in the country, and suddenly the two were reported to be doing a great business deal together. The two did not reveal what the deal was about and this disclosure was later followed by a rather suggesting photos that hinted that the two could be ‘lovebirds’.

The silver medal winner at the 2012 Summer Olympics, which was Botswana's first ever Olympic medal, was at this year’s Miss Botswana Rebranding seen hitting on the guest Queen Miss Lesotho, during the event which Modioki was contending for Miss Botswana title. The athlete seem rather to be having a strong interest for models hence his relationships range across models.

The ever stunning Modioki, is a 23 year old with a Bachelor Degree in business Administration seemed to be sharing a rather amazing union with the athlete. Which many thought was a perfect combination. On the contrary, Mmina and Amos share a business acclaimed account where the two share more of their sentiments than business. “Business as usual. Thank you for the Support. We are merging the two biggest brands in Botswana-Official Page,” the page read.

On the same page the two share sentimental words, “I told her i don't feel anything that’s not about making money anymore. Mmina is actually very funny,” Amos said The two seem to be sharing some mutual love, indicating that Mmina has also fallen for the stars charm. She also taken to Instagram pictures of the athlete supporting her and even spending quality time with her.

“When you finally meet the girl from Netflix. Thank you to Nijel for coming to support Mmina Gaebonwe inspired Sisterhood Brunch. One Of Us Is a Coffee Drinker. The Other Drinks Mocha with Sugar One of us is always happy. One is never impressed. Guess who’s who,” Mmina said.In an Interview with WeekendLife through her representative Letlhogonolo Moremi, Mmina denied the allegations and explained that the two are just on a business mission nothing else.

“Mmina Gaebonwe and Nijel Amos work together. Nothing more, noting less. Their relationship is professional one. They have been collaborating on projects for the past few month, further details of which will be shared at the appropriate time,” Mmina explained.



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