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Rea Online to celebrate four years!

Publishing Date : 03 October, 2018


The ever sizzling radio and television personality, Rea Kopi will be hosting Rea Viewing party where her previous and brand new episodes will be showcasing as well as celebrating Rea On line’s four years of existence.

“The event is to formerly launch the show as a television talk show. It’s been online for some time. Now it is a proper television show with 24 minutes content,” she said. She said she has been working and she wants people to see what they have been working on. “We will be showcasing new episodes of Rea Online. People know Rea Online as a 5 or 10 minutes rate but we are showing a television talk show,” she said.

Being an established radio and television personality, it is without doubt that the 24 year old has been a role model to many hence this platform to interact intimately with her fans. “This is an opportunity for me to speak to young women and girls who are inspired by and by the show and have a conversation on whatever they need assistance on. To impart knowledge on to them. It is really going to be an engaging platform,” Kopi explained.

The ever bubbly personality explained that this milestone means a lot to her and that she is grateful that things turned out perfectly for her.“I’m a planner and like to plan my life, and even with Rea Online I planned it. Rea Online was supposed to be a blog not a talk show. I was going to have a talk show after I finished school. I think as a presenter I have grown. I’m glad that I own a television show. I have grown so much and I am still yet to learn,” she said.

She seems rather happy about how Rea Online has evolved over the years and that they moved from 1000 views to 20 0000 views. From 5minutes videos to a 24 minutes talk show. “It is very important to me to see everything that I have put my time and talent growing,” she added. She have dreams of seeing the show winning an Emmy award, as well as seeing the show being watched all over the world. She also wants to see Rea Online playing a critical role in empowering women.

Kopi further explained that the new episode have featured males as well and that there is so much to look up for. “I think as presenter I have grown. When I started Rea Online I was 20 now I’m 24. People should expect real conversations that a lot of us are afraid of getting into. I do not want Rea Online to be for the elite but for every one of us,” she said.



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