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DIS disowns self-proclaimed spy agent

Publishing Date : 07 February, 2020

Author : Goitseone Seven

The Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) has distanced itself from Galani Nnadzwa, a self-proclaimed agent of the intelligence organ.

The self-proclaimed DIS operative has been accused and warned of drunken driving while “on duty” but he is yet to be charged and face the wrath of the law. The Nnadzwa was involved in a freak accident with one Tapiwa Ndwapi and only Ndwapi got charged despite both having been found to have been driving under the influence of alcohol.

It was revealed that Nnadzwa was driving the DIS vehicle when the accident happened. Nnadzwa is said to have admitted under oath that the organ’s officials are allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol. Edward Robert, DIS spokesperson has denied that the intelligence have Nnadzwa on their employ.

 He further explained that they have never had any relationship with anyone bearing such names. “None of our vehicles was ever involved in any accident described in the said article,” said Robert in a statement released by the organisation today. In conclusion Robert claimed that the status guiding their operations do not permit any of their employees to report for duty under the influence of alcohol.


“We treat this kind of behaviour as a serious transgression, attracting the harshest of penalties,” Robert clarified. The DIS spokesperson assured the nation that as a security agency and a Government organ; they demand and expect the highest level 0f discipline amongst its workforce.