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US based DJ Dagizus back with Drown

Publishing Date : 10 September, 2018


Renowned US local disc jockey, popularly known as DJ Dagizus in Dallas, Texas is back with a bang, this time around with a mixture of R&B, Country, Soul and hip hop hit called Drown featuring American vocalist Nate, Australian singer Jess Schneider and Botswana’s own comedian William Last who is also a hip hop head.

Branded Dallas’s most wanted disc jockey; he works with almost all the artists over the world including renowned celebrities. He said while working on the new project, many artists wanted to work with him and willing to feature on the project. He sent few beats to Jess to choose and write lyrics and she chooses Drown which had a chorus already made by Nate. She then recorded her first 2 verses and sent DJ Dagizus the files for processing (editing, mixing and mastering).

For William, they linked through yet another powerful social tool, Facebook, which is the best at connecting people around the world. Facebook make the world look small as people can keep in touch from around the world. At first Dj Dagizus didn’t know that comedian William was a rapper as well, until he listened to some of his songs on Facebook. He then decided to hit him up so he can feature a Motswana too on this particular song and sent the same beat to William, who later recorded the last verse and sent it back for processing just like he did with Jess.  

He described Drown as a master piece, deep and sad song, yet very motivational that everyone around the world can relate to. He says the idea is to motivate people out there, who are going through difficulties, depression and stress. The song is also simple to understand and get along with, which makes it one of his best personal projects by far.  

The real meaning of the whole song can be taken mainly from the chorus and here is what it says, “Don’t let me drown in the darkest days, burdens I carry I can’t escape, take off the troubles and pain away, hoping and praying for better days, don’t let me drown........”.
The single dropped August 20th 2018 online and is now available for purchase on most major digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google play, cdbaby, spotify, and tunecore.

 Apparently the single is already being played and featured on international stations around the world and will premiere on September 8th (today), on one of the stations in Namibia, Taffy Raw Media in a show dubbed “Taffy Raw Top 20” and the stationed mentioned that they will play some of his earlier works stated above. Dagizus is currently in Botswana, Africa the whole of September on a private business, but also available for interviews and appearances.

“We guess listeners/ readers or viewers need to hear what he got to say about this viable single and other projects he is working on, such as LaMonki Collection which will be brining Spring and summer stock in Botswana same month of September and dagee radio,” he said.  
During his visit to Botswana he will be promoting and selling his LaMonki Spring and Summer stock and this should be another point of discussion.

Currently he owns a recording label (Dagee Records), a DJ service (Da-G productions) which houses an internet radio (Dagee radio) and a clothing line called LaMonki. He is also managing and working with local & international acts. November 2015 saw the birth of his online radio station called Dagee radio, which is the platform to mainly promote Botswana’s talent; music, culture, poetry, history, languages & tourism. The radio has massive listenership around the world, and the highest numbers being in USA.



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