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FIFA threatens to relegate GU

Publishing Date : 10 September, 2018


As Gaborone United (GU) plunges deeper into uncharted football waters, the world football governing body FIFA on one side continues to exert devastating pressure over the payment of Ghanaian player, Bismark Appiah. In fact, FIFA on September 3rd issued a stern warning against the struggling club through the football association to remember clearing their debts. FIFA says the club‘s failure to comply will painfully risk their status on the elite league.

GU was given a deadline of August 26th to have fully paid the player or communicated the intention to pay. It appears that FIFA has not received any communiqué from the club or BFA hence threatening to trigger the fall of the mighty club. As early as last week, the club saw three points been docked after failing to meet the deadline. The end result saw the club dropping into the 16th and last position on the log standing with -2 points.

FIFA has also acknowledged to have received BFA’s letter that the local football has duly deducted points from the club as per correspondence of July 26th. “We take note from the content of the letter from the Botswana Football Association that the latter has duly implemented the decision taken by a Member of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee on 25 July 2018 by deducting three points from the first team of the club Gaborone United and by providing our services with standings of the relevant league, on which it can seen that three points have been deducted,” part of the FIFA letter reads.

However, the governing world football body continues to remind and consequently warns the club to treat the matter with the seriousness it deserves. Despite repeated pronouncement by some GU interim committee members that the club has paid part the money, FIFA warns that the club will cease from playing in the top flight football.

“We would like to remind the club Gaborone United that if it still fails to pay the amount due even after the deduction of points and upon request of the creditor, the matter would be resubmitted to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, which would decide on a possible relegation of the club’s first team to the next lower division,” Alexander Jacobs who is the deputy secretary to the FIFA disciplinary committee writes.

The Ghanaian’s contract was terminated in January 2016 but upon receiving a complaint, FIFA ordered that the player be paid a total of P 400 000 as compensation for breaching his contract and additional 5 percent interest to be calculated in accordance with the said decision.
FIFA had therefore ordered GU to pay a fine to the amount of CHF 5,000(P51449.13) within 30 days. The deadline also required GU to pay Appiah USD 39,500 (P 400 000). In essence GU had to pay a total of P 450 000 including 5 percent interest before August 26th.



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