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We Are All Blue features at Brooklyn Book Festival

Publishing Date : 03 September, 2018


Award-winning Broadway actor Donald Molosi’s celebrated 2016 book, ‘We Are All Blue,’ has been officially selected for the Brooklyn Book Festival in New York City billed for 10th -17th September 2018, marking its third year in a row of selection.

“We Are All Blue,” is a collection of Molosi’s off-Broadway plays about Botswana, dubbed ‘Motswana: Africa, ‘Dream Again’ and ‘Blue, black and White’ by the actor and playwright Donald Molosi, including an introduction by Quett Masire, former president of Botswana. The announcement adds one more honor for Molosi’s book which is already being taught in American universities and various other institutions of higher learning around the world.

 “We Are All Blue,” carries a foreword by the late former President of Botswana Sir Ketumile Masire. The Brooklyn Book Festival is one of America’s premier book festivals. “Whenever your work gets an audience, it is a glorious thing and I am happy that I get to share We Are All Blue with my American audience again this year,” Molosi shared with WeekendLife. He further indicated that he is grateful that the book was selected for three consecutive years.

“It means that the door has been opened for other Botswana writers to shine on the same platforms in United States of America. For that I am eternally grateful,” Molosi highlighted. The lack of local stories on world stages lured him to pen down the book. “In a way I was being the change I wanted to see, where Botswana stories can get international platforms,” he said. The book is taught in foreign universities and it headlined global arts festivals over the years for the third year in a row.

“It is the bestselling book from Botswana in recent memory and so I think from that you can see it is doing well as it is also doing well both locally and internationally,” Molosi hinted. He also expounded that the foreword by Sir Ketumile Masire encapsulates why the book is doing well. “I wrote it after long and diligent research spanning a decade. I am pleased that it is a book that I wrote with the blessings of my elders as a Motswana young person,” he cited.

Shaun Randols who runs The Mantle Books in New York explained that the book is a trailblazer. “Donald’s We Are All Blue is a groundbreaking book for many reasons well covered in the Botswana Media. That is why Donald is the best chance of getting Batswana authors into the hands and minds of American readers, even so than the legendary Bessie Head. It’s critical that anyone with means in this country, such as government agencies, wealthy diaspora, and NGO’s should support Donald’s work by buying his book in America by purchasing his book and distributing it far and wide. Donald’s rising tide will help lift boats of the Batswana writers sure to follow his lead,” Randols said.

Donald Molosi is a classically-trained actor and award- winning playwright. He holds an MA in Performance Studies from UCSB, a Graduate Diploma in Classical Acting from LAMDA, and a BA in Political Science and Theatre from Williams College. Molosi is featured in A United Kingdom, opposite Golden Globe and Emmy award nominee David Oyelowo and Oscar nominee Rosamund Pike. The film depicts the marriage of Prince Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams in the 1940s and the uniting of the people of Botswana



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