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BFA guns for Sebego

Publishing Date : 03 September, 2018


In a move seen to be dividing football opinion, the Botswana Football Association (BFA) is said to have adopted a hardline stance on its former President, Tebogo Sebego and consequently slapped him with charges for largely violating the provisions of the BFA code of conduct together with code of ethics.

It is said Sebego is to be hauled before BFA burning coals following his facebook posts he allegedly made about the association and its members roughly two months ago. BFA, after seeking legal opinion, believes that Sebego’s posts were made by an official of the BFA and that the posts violate the rules and regulations of the association on the conduct of officials—what they may not say or do.

Sebego allegedly wrote that, “So these football cowards are using unorthodox methods to try stop others from standing for elections, they need a small lesson.” He continued, “Which organisation facilitates the breach of its own governing statues? This is a constitutional circus. Satan rules.” BFA, as led by Mac Lean Letshwiti sternly believes that the facebook posts were made by a president of a football club that is affiliated to the BFA, and which club is therefore a member of the BFA as defined in the constitution.

Having understood that position, BFA says article 9 of the constitution obliges officials of the BFA to observe, among other, the statutes/constitution, regulations, directives, decisions and the code of ethics of the BFA in their activities. BFA says its codes of ethics apply to conduct that is seen to be damaging the integrity and reputation of football. This, according to legal advisor, the article mentioned applies to all officials, in this case is Sebego.

It is further mentioned that all officials are obliged to commit to an ethical attitude, to behave in a dignified manner and to act with integrity. The code of ethics, which Sebego has allegedly contravened, is so strict that the breach of it will sanctioned irrespective of whether or not the conduct complained of was committed deliberately or negligently. Sebego also wrote, “You smoke out spineless leaders through court process…I told you all about this evil man. I warned football about him. He lacks self-esteem and uses dirty tricks all the time.”

It is further believed that referring to BFA officials as ‘coward’’ a spineless leader” an evil man; one who lacks self-esteem...all appear to be clear violation of article 3.7 BFA code of conduct. BFA notes that an official who, as it were, vents out in rage in the manner shown in the quote facebook posts fail to honour the agreed procedures for communicating their dissatisfactions- a violation of article 3.14 of code of conduct.

BFA legal minds further believe that launching a vicious assault of this nature via facebook platform, which invariably invites further assaults by persons who comment on the posts, raises questions of credibility and respect not only on those that are attacked but also on the attacker himself.



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