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Masisi: The supersonic rise and fall…

Publishing Date : 21 August, 2018

Author :

Kesitegile Gobotswang (PhD)
BCP Deputy Leader


Let us be absolutely clear about incontestable truths. President Seretse Khama Ian Khama was the worst President this country ever had. He was not only a dictator but a ruthless dictator. The brutal state sponsored murder of John Kalafatis stands out. Under him corruption became synonymous with Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) government. As the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) President famously said at our last conference in Bobonong, the relationship between BDP and corruption was one of siamese twins: Mpho le Mphonyana.

In doing all the diabolic and evil things to our people he was supported by his Deputy, Mokgweetsi Masisi - a self-confessed Lelope la ga Khama. As president, Khama was doing whatever he did on behalf of the ruling BDP. The record of dictatorship, corruption and undermining civil liberties, the penchant to cheat at elections through forcing Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) down our throats is the record of BDP in whose government Masisi was the Number Two.

So really, we cannot allow Masisi to play mind games with the people and pretend he can bring fundamental changes in the manner this country is run. We refuse to be told that he was merely acting along. It cannot be true that his mission was in setting up Khama and the ruling party to fail Batswana the way they did for a period of a full decade. If indeed he did that, then he stands accused of being traitor.

As a BDP relay runner Masisi would continue to lead an oppressive party of plunder that Kenneth Koma, that iconic stalwart of the opposition said is beyond reform. He will continue to run the state not for all Batswana but for the interest of himself and his cronies. It is still the same BDP ya bone le bana ba bone, le ditsala gape ele dinalanyana. Masisi is a product of this gigantic machine of a self-serving and oppressive party that thrives on exploitation and manipulation of the masses. It is a party that believes in mediocrity where it only matters where you come from, who your parents are, relatives, rather than whether you are a talented Motswana.

I will not tire from giving an example of his first appointment of Chief Justice. Every reputable person in our justice system will tell you that Masisi's candidate was not the most experienced. He was not the most qualified either. He was not the most efficient in terms of processing cases speedily. In fact lawyers say he has often had judgements that were pending for a very long time even years.

Well that is not the only appointment that is questioned in which mediocrity is elevated beyond superior ability. Of recent reports say he hired his brother to be part of his team of security advisors. This allegation has not refuted. The less we talk about the appointment of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Botswana the better.

Under Khama the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) was used to serve his personal as well as the interest of the ruling party. If recent reports concerning the involvement of the DIS in the BDP primary elections are anything to go by, then the situation will remain unchanged.  

We know for a fact that Masisi went to Tonota BDP Elective Congress awash with money. Questions are still being asked as to where he got that amount of money. Questions are still being asked as to what the undisclosed sponsored were getting in exchange for millions that were contributed. As they say, there is nothing for mahala. The big question is whether a man who comes to power through secretive and possibly illicit funding will rule in the interests of Batswana or his hijackers. One can safely conclude that Masisi is unlikely to support a law regulating campaign financing.

Hundred days after assuming power the President is still to account for his involvement in siphoning millions in cash money from the National Petroleum Fund (NPF). Many "Banonofi" will swear that the NPF cut is what buried them and eventually led to the capture and enslavement of their leader at Office of the President (OP). So when we say this man is no savior we are vilified by apologists of the system, some amongst them victims of rigged "Bulela Ditswe".

And let's not hit about the bush. Masisi is democratically illegitimate. No one elected him. He came to power through a fraudulent section of the Constitution whose paternity is traceable to the BDP factional wars. And yes, he betrayed Khama, the dictator baldly. Khama is shocked and traumatized. We at BCP do not measure political pedigree and chances of advancing the fortunes of the country by hounding factional opponents. If he is anti- corruption why is he keeping Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), Ministers, and other top public officers similarly implicated even more than poor Sadique Kebonang and Prince Maele, Why?

Some have questioned our argument of hired mercenary scribes to advance BDP cause, more particularly that of the Masisi faction. Well if in doubt check who were loudest in urging formation of Alliance for Progressives (AP) and check from whose corner they are now fighting.

These scribes that abuse their dominant market position will not deter us. We will fix our issues at UDC and proceed to win. To our followers and all Batswana we ask for your forgiveness and patience as we sort issues occasioned by infiltration and deliberate sabotage. UDC will prevail in 2019 because our cause is just and our political pedigree traceable and verifiable.

Our issues can't be justification to surrender to a party that has denied you jobs and opportunities for life. A party that has treated workers and the poor as trash. A party that under the new Sheriff is not showing remorse or that is born again. Masisi is just a factionalist living on borrowed times.

So yes Masisi, notwithstanding the noise from the mercenary pseudo journalists he has hired to attack Khama and the UDC, particularly BCP, which both Masisi and his hired scribes fear, is the weakest President by far, with no constituency, social base or CV to talk about. In the BDP he is a new comer.

Khama has nothing to lose. He is injured. He and Kgosi know where the bodies are buried. From what one may gather based on his recent interviews and the famous Mabolwe speech Dikgolo dieta. It is former President and Kgosikgolo Ya Botswana versus a political lightweight.

Their dog fight is none of our concern. We want jobs for our people. We want economic citizen (not BDP members) empowerment.  We want a new constitution. We want Kgosi and those who looted with him prosecuted. We want far reaching electoral reform that will accommodate representation of women, youth and other marginalized groups in Parliament. We don't want EVM.  We don’t want the BDP in any guise. BDP under Masisi is the same BDP, phokoje ga nke a latlha moseselo.



Do you think the courts will help put the UDC, BMD impasse within reasonable time ahead of the 2019 General Election?