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Khama not entitled to Air transport – PSP

Publishing Date : 03 September, 2018


All former presidents of Botswana are not entitled to any mode of transport other than three vehicles of which they are at liberty to use at all times in both official and private duties.

However, the Former President’s Pensions and Retirement Benefits Act which was amended prior to the stepping down of  Lt. Gen. Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama from the presidency, gives provision for either boat or air transport by state as and when need arises. This was clarified by the Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP) and Secretary to Cabinet, Cater Morupisi when addressing public servants in Selebi Phikwe on Thursday afternoon.

The PSP further explained that for any mode of transport to be extended to former presidents other than road transport (the three vehicles) as per the amended Act, a formal request must be made but the release of such transport is dependent on the approval of the sitting president and only the president can authorise such a request.

This therefore as per the PSP’s clarification, Khama as a former president is not entitled to a Government provided aeroplane as his retirement perks as it is largely believed to be the case by the general public. The former president can request for one but there is no guarantee that the request will be acceded to. Of recent, there has been reports regarding Khama’s soured relations with his successor, President Masisi with the refusal by the latter to let the former have access to the aeroplane allegedly being one of the straws that broke the camel’s back.

Speaking on the President’s Road Map, Morupisi said that President Masisi desires to transform Botswana into an economic giant with  competitive critical mass of highly skilled workforce that can work anywhere in the world. He said this is outlined in the National Transformation Strategy which seeks to transform Botswana into a highly prosperous nation in many fronts.

Morupisi said public officers’ are at the centre of this transformation agenda as utmost dedication to their work will translate in the desired achievement that will take the nation to greater heights. He pointed out that all public servants must be committed to the ideals of good governance. PSP further noted that the president want all public servants at all times to self-introspect and deliver public services in a manner indicative of a good servant of the people. He implored on public officers to be efficient and deliver service with all due courtesy and respect that that jobs requires.

“Our customer service can help us attract foreign investors to set up business in our country and this is particularly critical for Selebi Phikwe after the mine closure,” he said. The PSP highlighted the need for public servants to examine Government policies so as to identify critical areas hindering service delivery. He said submissions can be made to the office of the Deputy District Commissioner, outlining such hindrances that call for policy review. Morupisi urged all Government Departments to deliver services timely, noting that senior Government officers and Head of Departments at their various stations will be empowered to take particular decisions in an effort to increase the turnaround time in service delivery.

Facilitating and expediting of services such as issuing of visas as well as change of land use by people who want to convert their land for business use must be given priority by the concerned officials so as to enable businesses to grow thereby helping create jobs by the private sector. This, Morupisi said forms part of the president’s roadmap.

Masisi also wants Botswana to be a sought-after International Conference destination where certain places in the country could be earmarked for hosting of different international conferences and forums. This, the PSP explained it twill also boost the tourism sector as delegates attending these conferences will also take time to view the beautiful scenery around the hosting towns and some of Botswana’s prime tourism areas. He noted that earmarked destinations for these conferences will have to up the game in terms of provision of transport and accommodation facilities, something that calls for the participation of the private sector as this provide a business opportunity for them. He said such places or town will be able to bid to host such global meetings.

Concerning the welfare and conditions of service for these public servants who are expected to play a big role in President’s Masisi’ transformational agenda, Morupisi stated that the president has already met with the public service unions in an endeavour to map a way forward in resuscitating the Public Service Bargaining Council (PSBC). “The president has already given them direction and by September this year, he want the Public Service Bargaining Council to be functional,” he said.

Morupisi said once the PSBC is fully functional, all matters pertaining to the welfare and conditions of service will be duly addressed. He said Government has taken the decision to fast-track the transfer of married spouses to work in the same area as way of protecting public officers’ marriages and families. Transfer requests are currently being received until November to be looked at holistically by Permanent Secretaries to see how best they can be implemented.



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