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Magosi speeds Isaac Kgosi prosecution

Publishing Date : 06 August, 2018


Fresh information reaching WeekendPost is that former Director General of Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS), Isaac Kgosi is expected to appear before the court of law soon following a scuffle between the new DIS boss Brigadier Peter Magosi and Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) director, Stephen Tiroyakgosi.

Kgosi will be prosecuted for corruption and money laundering cases which dates back to seven years ago, following doubts on whether the once feared and powerful spy chief will ever has his day in court. Investigations carried out by this publication can confirm that investigating officers handling Kgosi’s case have been spending sleepless nights at the DIS headquarters offices since Monday.

They held closed door meetings. “They were discussing Kgosi’s file. They wanted to make sure there were no loopholes as it is believed the DPP boss was the one delaying the case claiming the DCEC had not finished their work,” said a source close to the case.
“This issue of Tiroyakgosi taking the file back and forth is seen as a delaying tactic.”

The source went on to state that Magosi who was appointed to replace Kgosi by President Mokgweetsi Masisi was of the view that as long as Kgosi was not brought to book, him and his ally former President Lt. Ian Khama will gain a mileage on the seemingly sour relationship between the two camps.  He feels the recent stories on the case were just tactics to make the nation think that Masisi was controlled by Khama. Masisi camp is also of the view that the reason why Khama was so bold in attacking Masisi administration was that he thinks Masisi was afraid to take serious action his allies.

“It is clear the new DIS boss is pushing hard for cases to be done. The main idea is to see whether even after Kgosi falls, Khama will still be bold as he is,” said an insider. In an interview with Magosi on Friday, he refused to comment on the issue. “I will not comment on that,” he said. Pressed for comment, Tiroyakgosi said Kgosi file has always been in his office, “but it is an internal matter between me and the investigating officers. We have always had Kgosi’s file.”

Asked if he is going to prosecute Kgosi, the DPP Director said, “when we have determined there is good enough evidence, we will prosecute him, but if not, we will close the case.” He said the matter has always been between him and investigators, “whom I assume shared with you that they have given me the Kgosi file.” Tiroyakgosi said he has never discussed the Kgosi file with Magosi of the DIS. He said Magosi is not involved in the case. “I have no reason to delay the Kgosi prosecution if it comes to live.”

Magosi was quoted on the sidelines of the organisation’s first press conference under his leadership in May, saying he would support a commission of enquiry on the activities of DIS during Kgosi’s leadership.  

“Look, I am the driver of the vehicle. There is somebody who decides the destination of the vehicle. If those who decide the destination believe that there should be a commission of an inquiry, I will support it,” he said.

“I will do everything to ensure that DIS is a professional institution and gains trust from the public.”

There have been questions without answers as to whether the once feared Kgosi will ever be taken to book for the alleged transgressions he committed while in office. There have been many different stories surrounding his file, some saying it was burnt October last year (2017) and some saying it vanished between the DPP office and the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC).



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