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IDM interrogates the country’s state of public health

Publishing Date : 06 August, 2018

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The Institute of Development Management’s Bachelor of Public Health students conducted a panel discussion which focused on health regulations in Botswana.  The discussion was part of student engagement with the health sector to enhance learning through industry collaboration.

The session which was themed ‘Health Regulations in Botswana - Effectiveness, Challenges and Opportunities,’ focused on key issues relating to regulations and how the relevant stakeholders are playing their role towards an effective health system. The panel discussion targeted mainly IDM students and other faculties as well as relevant officials such as the Registrar of Nursing and Midwifery Council, Human rights activist, Public Health Specialist, Botswana Health Professionals Council representative.

“Our organisation ensures that there are health qualified professionals as well as adequate drugs that are safe to be imported in Botswana. We also provide treatment of diseases and offer health promotion as well as ensuring that the population has a prolonged health,” said Hanna Kau-Kigo, the Registrar of Nursing and midwifery council of Botswana

Dr Marape Marape emphasised that the council need to be autonomous and self-regulated. He further explained that the council need to be staffed and resourced as it will be difficult to carry out the mandate of the council. “A nurse should be self-regulated because as a nurse I know what I do and how I should do it,” he added.

Dispute Resolution Consultant Nkiwane Ndaba founder of Ndaba and Associates explained that there is a department that handles the concern of employees and that there cannot be a health facility handled by someone from outside. “Where there is no self-regulation, there will be regress. Some of these department should be taken from the government and be run by professionals,” Ndaba said.

Ndaba had however advised that Human Resource Managers should know the law.  “Public Health Act states that food handlers should be for communicable diseases at least twice a year which impede a person from performing,” he said. He said as the dispute resolution officers they are there to check the regulations of the organisations and if they don’t fall on the wrong side of the law.



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