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UDC problems can’t solved in 21 Days!

Publishing Date : 31 July, 2018

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The provenance of the BCP quagmire can be traced back to the 2014 General elections outcome which not only shocked the BCP rank and file but obliterated their confidence leaving only a vacuum to be later occupied by fear and uncertainty.

Obviously the dismal showing at the polls further accentuated by the loss of our Leader Cde Dumelang Saleshando was ascribed to our absence in the opposition coalition the UDC which had made history winning 17 parliamentary seats. As a consequence, BCP joined UDC and things instead of improving became worse. With hindsight not being part of the umbrella in 2014 was a mistake, but joining it post 2014 was an even fatal mistake, the first since of Adam at the Garden of Eden.

That the BCP is a party at crossroads has never been clearer. The impasse in the UDC due to the constitution, BCP's membership inter alia is an outlandish situation for kgololo. BCP prides itself with order, organisational harmony and policies that resonate with wishes and aspirations of Batswana.

For the party to be embroiled in protracted conflicts bringing uncertainty and anxiety to its members is unprecedented and embarrassing to be polite. It is time the BCP acknowledges that the UDC they thought they joined is not the one of today, its time they acknowledge that Advocates for Change is actually Advocates for Chaos.

The horse has bolted, ITS OVER, pull out of this toxic cohabitation and live to fight another day. In the onset, we made painful concessions, relegating the party to the north and effectively rendering it a regional party, we only have 1 constituency in the south of Botswana and also 1 in the cities being Francistown East.

We opted not to miss the forest for the trees as State power was a reality under the pre Pilane UDC. Now with hopes of state power extinguished, our membership of the coalition being questioned and denied what in God's name are we doing in the UDC? Only insanity can occlude a man from walking away after being turned down by a woman for two years.

It’s been almost 2 years since the Oasis Motel press conference announcing the BCP’s entry into the Umbrella yet we still are (apparently) not recognized by the constitution. The UDC VP Advocate Pilane's political turpitude leaves Satan Jealous. The way he stole BMD with dogs, security agents and of course the constitution was as diabolic as it was egregious and should have served as an augury of what’s to come. 

He is a man on a mission, a destructive mission and care less of eventual casualties. He does not care if the Umbrella burns provided he becomes President of the ashes. By being entangled with this 'constitutional despot' the BCP is not just playing with fire, it is literally soaking matches in gasoline.

Pilane has nothing to lose, he will relish at the prospect of a protracted court battle which will not only delay the 2019 General elections campaign but impugn the character and credibility of the UDC. It is hard to put a dog on a leash once you have put a crown on its head, thus it is futile not to mention perilous for the BCP to believe it can tame or even deal with this man. We have a lot to lose and time is our chief enemy.

Then there is Hon Boko, the UDC leader. We can all accept that the political 'bromance' between Duma and Dums was as fleeting as it was insincere. The BNF leader is deceptive and untrustworthy, his vagaries ever since the infamous BMD Matshekge congress exposes a man at best captured or at worst uninterested in changing government.

This is the same man who promulgated that UDC has the power to replace a weak candidate of a contracting party by a stronger candidate from another contracting party, we all watched in dismay when a weak BMD candidate cost UDC victory at Moshupa/Manyana. Hitherto, BMD has no candidates in some constituencies and weak candidates in others including suspended BDP youth wing members and the UDC leader has not acted.

It seems he long took Cde Saleshando's advice, 'To best remain silent'. How he managed to inveigle BCP leaders by signing a disputed constitution 5 months later is inexplicable but more inexplicable is how the BCP and BNF conferences could not decipher that the last minute constitution was intended to placate them and circumvent a resolution of pulling out of the beleaguered coalition.

The BCP is in a quandary, the trauma of 2014 is still fresh, and the fear of walking out of UDC and being branded enemies of unity is palpable. Doubt is the biggest enemy of man, fear is the biggest enemy of a party. The fear has blinded the BCP to even the obvious. First, we are said to be not inside the UDC hence we can never be accused of pulling out from a coalition we were never part of. The UDC VP, who is actually its defacto leader has said that repeatedly on national radio accompanied by his chairman.

The spiritual leader of UDC Johnson Motshwarakgole has also asserted the same aphorism and not to be out shined, the convenors of UDC were recently enjoying their 20 mins of fame that they so year for on radio  averring that BCP is not part of UDC. The only leader who we naively believe can defend our situation is conspicuous by his silence and was rumored out of the country when the knives were and are still out for us.

Secondly, there is already a party which quit the UDC in Alliance for Progressives (AP) lead by Hon Ndaba Gaolathe. The AP has never been bashed for their stand and seem to have found favor with key union leaders. By dumping this unholy union we will be assuming the position already occupied by AP, we can never be isolated alas 2014. Thus I fail to see how we will be crucified for a position another party is being lauded for. That will be taking hypocrisy to the zenith level by our 4th estate. Lastly and most importantly, the UDC of today is not the UDC of 2014.

It no longer has the support of both the private press and BOFEPUSU, it houses a hugely unpopular leader in Advocate Pilane who is not only distrusted by Batswana but also unwanted by them and it’s less a vital cog in its machinery in the form of Hon Gaolathe and his lieutenants. The recent success in bye elections by the UDC ought to be credited to the presence of BCP, we bring the most numbers in the coalition yet we get fed crumbs, get disrespected, our leader frustrated and ridiculed by a man leading a shell. How long is the BCP prepared to endure this journey to nowhere and mortification. It is time to choose the correct path out of this crossroads, which is the only path at our disposal in all honesty. PULL OUT, and live to fight another day.

The BCP is a party born from severe labor pains to a hostile political environment. Fighting a cultist figure in Dr Koma, the party was shunned by both BNF and BDP, A paradoxical alliance was forged between the ruling party and main opposition crystallizing in a motion to ban floor crossing by then MP Gladys Kokorwe. The motion was disingenuous, it was meant to kill baby BCP in its crib rather than to right a wrong hence the non-implementation of the motion to date.

With such odds stacked against it, the BCP persevered and grew to be a key player in our politics. It can be concluded that the BCP is now the single largest opposition party in the country commanding over 20% popular vote. The time is now for Kgololo to disinter that assiduity, bravery and self confidence in its mission, vision and policies that allowed it to weather the storm it faced at its infancy and become the fastest growing party in our land.

The BCP members jealously love and protect their party, they are loyal to their brand, a brand which has been besmirched and soiled for far too long. Painfully for them the leadership's plans to restore the BCP to its rightful place as the party of choice has been desultory at best.
The BCP must forget about UDC membership. If it couldn't be fixed in 2 years it won’t be in 21 days. It’s never late to mend. The BCP must PULL OUT from this toxic alliance and ready itself for going solo in the upcoming General elections. Dignity, peace and tranquility must reign again in the Lime movement.

Ishmael Jackson Koko writes from Gaborone Central



Do you think the courts will help put the UDC, BMD impasse within reasonable time ahead of the 2019 General Election?