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More trouble for GU as relegation beckons

Publishing Date : 31 July, 2018


The world football governing body, FIFA has now imposed a heavy penalty fee on Gaborone United (GU) for infringing article 64 of the Disciplinary Codes in failing to comply with the decision to pay player, Bismarck Appiah.

The Ghanaian’s contract was terminated in January 2016 but upon receiving a complaint, FIFA ordered that the player be paid a total of P 400 000 as compensation for breaching his contract and additional 5% interest to be calculated in accordance with the said decision.
FIFA has therefore ordered GU to pay a fine to the amount of CHF 5,000 (P51 449.13) within 30 days. The deadline also requires GU to pay Appiah USD 39,500 (P 400 000). In essence GU has to pay a total of P 450 000 including 5% interest before August 26th.

If the team fails to pay the said amount together with interest, points will be deducted automatically by the BFA without a formal decision having to be taken nor any order to be issued by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee or its secretariat. FIFA also indicates that should GU fail to pay the amount even after deduction of points; the team will be relegated to the lower division.

Part of the letter reads, “The FIFA Disciplinary Committee, upon request of the player, will decide on a possible relegation of the club’s first team to the next lower division.” The world’s football body also warns BFA to reinforce this decision on its member club to ensure justice is finally achieved. FIFA says if BFA fails to comply with the decision, a stern action will be taken which can lead to expulsion from FIFA competitions.

GU is currently a club torn apart by internal wars. It is indicated that the elders of the club, who are now at the helm, were banking on the money that the club has acquired after selling two players to South Africa’s Chippa United. The club in June sold Kabelo Seakanyeng together with Thatayaone Kgamanyane. WeekendSport can authoritatively reveal that the players were sold at the cost of P 1.2 million.

Sources further indicate that the decision makers at the heart of GU have now reached a dead end upon realization that Chippa United’s money will come in installments. It is said that the first batch will be deposited before the league commences. It is said that Chippa United and the GU agent agreed that P 200 000 be paid after registration is finally completed.

The second installment, which is P 500 000 is expected to be deposited in December while the last P 500 000 will be completed in June of next year. GU is also required to bear the costs of the case. FIFA says,” The costs of these proceedings amounting to CHF 1,000 (P10 289.83) are to be borne by the Debtor and shall be paid according to the modalities stipulated above.



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