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Fashion icon celebrates birthday with SOS Children

Publishing Date : 31 July, 2018

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Fashion icon turned businesswoman Ineeleng Kavindama last week launched her non-profit organization, in style, celebrating her birthday with SOS Children in Tlokweng. Kavindama, who rose to prominence in the 1990s as a fashionista, has had a successful stint thus far as an entrepreneur.

As per her own admission, the decision to celebrate with SOS children was inspired by the speech that former United States President, Barack Obama gave at Nelson Mandela lecture in Johannesburg to celebrate the iconic Nelson Mandela’s 100 years. “I took time to listen to former President Obama’s speech at the 16th Nelson Mandela Lecture to mark Mandela’s centenary; Obama spoke about the values that the iconic Mandela stood for. 

He emphasized that Madiba believed that every one of us has the potential to make the world a better place by starting to be compassionate to the next person who is in need. His speech got me thinking about my charity organization, Ineeleng Trust, formed in 2007 which has been inactive for almost a decade.’

‘The Trust has been dormant because after its registration, many potential international donors and sponsors were not in a position to assist us as most of them were affected by the world recession of 2008. With an almost non-existent budget, our company Ineeleng Holdings sponsored one or two Christmas parties for SOS Orphanage and other NGO’s in the beginning. Unfortunately we had to suspend the activities because like everybody else after that 2008 recession money was hard to come by to do anything. We couldn’t think of any other way to launch the organization than through launching it on my birthday,” said Kavindama.

 “In our small way this is how we are taking the first step to honour Madiba and to celebrate his undisputed legacy of giving back to the disadvantaged,’ she added. Kavidama, who has undertaken many charity endeavours before indicated that contrary to popular belief, you need not be a stock-exchange listed company, or to be sponsored by big companies or from one of those rich families with big names to spread goodwill.

“Everyone has the potential to assist if they really want to start with their own communities. You do not need a lot of money to put a smile on the faces of those disadvantaged children or any disadvantaged group for that matter,” she said.  “As people we must learn to give and not just be receivers or takers all the time. It took us exactly two days to plan our birthday celebration at SOS because it was for the right cause. 

It is the thought that counts. When you think of buying airtime, or a can of beer, hairstyle, an extra pair of shoes and clothes to slay with or whatever you intend to spend your hard earned money on, we must think about those in need.” Kavindama stated that it is her intention to have this celebration annually. She said she managed to source sponsorship from Wasabi Creatives who did the photography and video, Chef Thuso Nakedi who came with his barbecue expertise, Black Legends who provided non-stop music for the kids.

The highlight of the day washer very own Vintage Classics drivers  who gave the children exciting ‘Presidential and Makwala’ style  experience on our 1938 Deluxe Chevrolet, 1963 Austin Cambridge, Classic Toyota MRS Sports car and the 1974 Chevrolet pick-up. “I truly believe that blessed is the hand that giveth as God blesses us indirectly when we reach out to the less fortunate. It is pure joy reaching out to the disadvantaged groups as they have nothing to give back except their happiness, gratitude and love. That is what gives meaning to life and that is how we chose to celebrate Mandela’s legacy and spread goodwill,” she said.



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