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Duduetsang to summit Mt Kilimanjaro for charity

Publishing Date : 31 July, 2018


This week Liberty Life Botswana donated P50 000 to Duduetsang Chappelle- Molloy in her quest to summit Mt Kilimanjaro in August and raise funds for Happy Hearts. The funds raised through the campaign will go towards the Happy Hearts charity project, which seeks to raise funds to build an interim home for children receiving cancer treatment and their caregivers from outside Gaborone.

It has emerged that majority of cancer patients come from areas outside Gaborone to receive treatment and their caregivers from outside Gaborone to receive treatment and are in need of secure and comfortable accommodation. Happy Hearts is a joint project between Ladies Circle of Botswana and Cancer Association of Botswana. The home will be built on a CAB’s 5576 square meters piece of land at plot 35843 in Block 8, Gaborone.

Duduetsang leaves to summit the 5, 895 meters mountain in Africa Mt Kilimanjaro on the 1st August and is slated to return on the 11th of August. She expressed gratitude towards Liberty Life Botswana as the main donor for her Kilimanjaro hike. “I would like to sincerely thank Liberty Life Botswana from believing in me and supporting my charity cause. I would like to thank family friends and colleagues who have each donated to Happy Hearts.

In honor of your support for my quest I pledge to wear Liberty as a brand and also summit with your flag. Your support has not only helped fulfill a dream of mine, but it is more importantly, going to make a difference in the lives of children and families, who are going through the fight against Cancer,” she said. For her part Liberty Life Botswana Managing Director, Lulu Rasebotsa said the Happy Hearts project seeks to offer dignified home away from accommodation that will assist in equipping affected families with better coping skills among other psychosocial benefits.

This year the Cancer Association of Botswana pointed out in a statement that every year thousands of children across the world are diagnosed with cancer leading cause of death by disease for children under the age of 15. “I would like to commend Dudu for her bravery and selfless to undertake this challenge in support of children and families fighting cancer. Your compulsion to do this is gallant and will help better the lives of many people,” said Rasebotsa.



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