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CAF gauges Btv

Publishing Date : 10 July, 2018


Representatives from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) are expected to descend into Botswana Football Association (BFA) offices and Mass Media complex with the sole aim of assessing Botswana television’s capability of broadcasting football matches ceded under CAF rights, WeekendSport has established.

The move follows the latest development in which Township Rollers, Botswana Premiership champions, incurred a total of  P 400 000 after Super-Sport  channel aired their game against Kampala Capital City Authority Football Club, KCCA FC, a first tie of CAF Champions league games in  early April. Rollers had to pay production costs. Reports indicated that Btv was not ready to beam the tie hence Rollers’ decision to approach an outside broadcaster.

However, fresh information suggests both Btv and CAF have been in constant communication and the state owned broadcaster has assured the CAF committee about its readiness and ability to beam the ties. Sources also reiterated that the President of the association MacLean Letshwiti was not happy about the manner in which proceedings unfolded until Supersport TV beamed the Rollers tie. It is said Letshwiti was of the view that Btv can actually televise the games un-assisted and without extra resources from any party.

It is said CAF, among other necessities want the local station to broadcast a game on High Definition (HD) with a ratio of 16;9.  However, few weeks after the Rollers game, BFA complained to CAF that Btv had since shown bravery to produce the game as it ticks all the right boxes of the requirements. BFA said Rollers cannot incur such costs to Supersport while a local broadcaster is equally competent to air the game.

It is however understood that CAF’s priorities lies on empowering local broadcasters and prefers that local television stations be given the green light to beam the games. All the while, CAF says it has started raising billions from this TV rights.  So far 20% of all CAF’s income that is raised directly goes to national associations. In addition, CAF has been providing prize money of $1.5 million for winner team of African football trophy. This prize money will grow to $2.5 million in the coming 4 years.

“Our long term objective is to keep players within the continent. We need to provide the necessary financing though we can’t provide everything. We need to empower the clubs in different countries. For this CAF has doubled the number of teams that will play at group stage. Originally it was two competitions with eight teams and now it is two competitions with 16 teams. The minimum amount a club gets even if it is last is half a million dollars,” said Suketu Patel, First Vice President of CAF.

He further noted that CAF’s award to national league winner team has also been recently decided to increase to $1.5 million from it was half million dollars. Efforts to reach Btv‘s head of Sport Linnet Habana were not successful as he was reported to be on sick leave. But Btv sources say the station is more than ready to beam the games. Sources at mass media also reiterate that the ultimate decision lies with CAF as they are still under assessment.



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