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DCEC, Police team up to expose forged drivers’ licenses

Publishing Date : 09 July, 2018


Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) and the Botswana Police Service (BPS) are on high alert over escalating incidents of obtaining of drivers’ licences unscrupulously.

It is understood that officials at the department of Road, Transport and Safety, which is regarded as one of the corrupt government departments, work in cahoots with driving school instructors and/or individuals to make the bogus driving licenses in exchange for underhand brown envelope. Information reaching this publication suggests that the operations of the syndicate are very multifaceted and intricate and that the bogus driving licenses look very authentic and cannot be detected by untrained personnel.

DCEC Spokesperson Nlayidzi Gambule confirmed to WeekendPost this week that counterfeit drivers’ licenses continue to be a concern to the corruption busting agency. He said “in the period between 2016 and 2017 alone the DCEC has received 36 cases across the country.” He explained that “the cases include but not limited to, selling of theory test papers, un-procedural issuance of yard and road test marks, un-procedural issuance of drivers’ licenses and soliciting of bribes for renewal of drivers’ license.”

Cases of obtaining of bogus licenses and fraudulent DRTS officials are said to be a headache for both the DCEC as well as the Botswana Police. Reports indicate that Police investigations have revealed at least one in every three heavy duty and extra heavy duty drivers on Botswana roads may be using counterfeit licenses forged by foreigners including Chinese, Indians and Pakistani crime syndicates who have infiltrated the Department of Road Transport and Safety.

It is understood that to demonstrate that a license is fake, it needs to be scanned to see if it’s interfaced with DRTS system procedurally. When approached by this publication to comment on the revelations, Department of Road, Transport and Safety deputy Director Goodwin Tlhogo had only this to say: “we don’t have those kinds of statistics on fake drivers’ licenses or any other information to that effect,” he said instead further referring this publication to the Botswana Police.

Speaking to WeekendPost, Botswana Police Service Director of Traffic Senior Assistant Commissioner, Katlholo Mosimanegape stated that “a total of 21 cases of fake drivers’ licenses have been recorded countrywide from 2016 to date.” It is further understood that the illicit selling and acquiring of drivers’ licenses have a direct bearing on road accidents and research indicates an increase in both recorded accidents and deaths and the number keeps swelling.

According to the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) data published in 2017, Road Traffic Accidents Deaths in Botswana reached 475 of total deaths. The age adjusted Death Rate is 22.23 per 100,000 of population, and ranks Botswana number 71 in the world. The Health Data used is published by WHO, World Bank and the United Nations for population.

In 2016, further research indicated that a total number of 18 373 road accidents were recorded in the country as compared to 17 654 the preceding year (2015). In terms of fatalities, a total of 450 people died in road crashes in 2016 as compared to 411 in 2015.
WeekendPost could not however find any information linking the road accidents to the fake licensed drivers.



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