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Kgosi Gaborone, Batlokwa finally agree

Publishing Date : 09 July, 2018


A majority of Batlokwa have finally given in and approved the controversial land seeking revised Tlokweng development plan which entails seizure of some land to implement projects despite the continuous shortage and depletion of land in the Batlokwa territory.

The revised development plan was drawn by the German based GIS Plan on what it is believed to be a multimillion pula tender. Efforts to convince Batlokwa to appreciate the revised plan failed on two occasions at consultative Kgotla meetings held on May 5th and 19th of this year. Most of the residents argued that they were in desperate need for residential land and would not want any sacrificed for the said developments which only benefit a select few. However, at the last consultative Kgotla meeting held on May 23, the residents appeared to have had a change of heart as the consultants came up with a better revised plan from the one presented twice before.

The latest plan has excluded the annexation of farming and communal grazing land. The plan also states that there will be change of land use by individuals without the approval of the council or the land board.  Kgosi Gaborone told his morafe that he met with the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services and the Director of Surveys to address the issue of land and came up with ways in which the projects will benefit Batlokwa as they avail land for developments.

“The land issue is a concern for our people, but I want to assure you that I have met with the ministry to see how we will fully benefit from availing our land to either government or other stakeholders to do projects and this will be outlined in a written contract,” said delighted Gaborone. He further pointed out that there will be compensation for those whose land will be affected by the plan and the compensation will vary from time to time as it will be calculated on the market value of the given piece of land.

Residents although divided approved the plan as they said it is now clearly explained. One resident, Otukile Matlapeng said, “The plan this time is well clarified and hopefully we are not cheated as it happened before and we are hoping the plan covers the area that it has entailed only.” Another resident, Abel Lekoko said the land board should be the one to implement the plan. He pleaded that majority of the projects such as integrated farming and horticulture should be localized and Batlokwa should have full benefits from such proposed projects.

That notwithstanding, some of the morafe did not shy away from stating their reservations about the plan. Some had walked away from the said meeting. Another resident, Ishmael Seitshiro said there is not enough land in the area and the remaining piece should be converted to residential land as opposed to using it for other issues which will not benefit people in the long run.

Another resident on the side-lines of the meeting added, “Our leader is somehow serving his own personal interests at the expense of Batlokwa. We know very well that he is wishing for a royal palace and this will be implemented in the plan that is why he is pushing for this so hard and we will regret giving away our land like this in near future,” said the emotional charged occupant.



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