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Motswana DJ makes it in New York

Publishing Date : 04 July, 2018


When he left Botswana in 2005 to further his studies in the United States of America, Ketshephamang Kgalemang never thought he would one day be New York’s most wanted Disc Jockey (DJ). After his arrival in the US, he spent 13 years without visiting home and used the years establishing himself as an Afro- Tech and Electro house music DJ. His sacrifice has since paid off and he is now a household name.

Known as DJ Spax- Vybz , he is one of Africa’s shining lights and an incredibly talented DJ. DJ Spax- Vybz was born in Botswana, Serowe and grew up in Gaborone, before moving to New York to study Music Production at Scratch Academy. After spending his formative teen years soaking up the music and culture of the clubs in Gaborone, he decided in 2005 to relocate across the world to the heart of the music scene to pursue his lifelong musical dreams.  

WeekendLife first met with DJ Spax in December when he played at Inhaca Island, a subtropical island of Mozambique off the East African coast. He rocked his trademark shaved head and a chunky ostentatious chain around his neck that earned him the nickname ‘Sebaga’. The Drum King Spax- Vybz occasionally plays his sets along with Kafele Bandele who compliments the sound with a live trumpet free styling all the way.

In 2007 he began to make a name for himself as an up and coming DJ playing at different venues and events all across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx. He carried the same raw energy and enthusiasm of music all the way from back home in Botswana to the streets of NYC and the crowds loved it. In 2008 Spax put together his own fleet of DJs and music production experts. He gathered them into a team which he named Let’em entertainment. Let’em entertainment was derived from his surname, Baleseng.

The company quickly became very well known in the New York City area by hosting parties for an array of different venues and events. His company also offered state of the art, professional sound equipment for rental as well as CD production capabilities. This combination made Let’em entertainment unstoppable. Throughout years of experience and market recognition, LET'EM entertainment, Inc. provides its clients in USA with reliable and creative services for their Southern African & global events and brand image.

DJ Spax- Vybz has released two long- plays; The Gathering feat Brown Sugar (2015) with remixes from Dj Nastor (South Africa) Sheldon So Goode (USA) and Kafele’s trumpet touch mix under CYBERJAMZ Records in USA. The Gathering has been positively reviewed in both his home country as well as neighbouring South Africa. The track has scooped number 1 on Botswana’s #BWTOP10AT10 on Gabz FM Groove Cartell Nights.

His second Release BE MY LOVER feat Fearless Boys &Kafele (2015) dropped under one of the New York independent label by Anané Vega “NULU MUSIC” , from this track DJ SPAX-VYBZ’ still showcasing his talent for creating Afro, deep, soulful stripped- back, melodic, house track. Be My Lover, one of the mixes has been released on CD compilation of Nulu Movement ADE’s renowned festival.

He has worked and always works with the likes of Black Coffee ( South Africa), Culoe De Song ( South Africa), Deejay Kinetic P (Botswana / UK), DjShimza( South Africa),Dj Fresca (South Africa), DjMpiloz ( South Africa), DjMngadi (South Africa), Miss PRU (South Africa), Groove Cartell( Botswana), DjBoggie Sid (Botswana), MsKels DJ (Botswana), Heavy K (South Africa), Dj Lesoul (South Africa) ,DjFinzo (South Africa) , Zeus ( Botswana) , Monique Bingham (USA) , DJ Angelo (Greece).

In 2016, he launched New FM Radio Show Dedicated to House Music: Exclusive "ORIGINS” which runs every Thursday early morning (3am-6am) on New York's WHCR 90.3 FM. According to DJ Spax, house music from Southern Africa has quite a definitive quality that can be solemnly contributed to its location, the spirit of the people, and the history. “I don't think house music is ready for my live sets. For now I want to experiment with it on the radio and see what people think,” he concluded.



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