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Botswana Post board fired

Publishing Date : 03 July, 2018


Botswana Postal & Savings Group (BPSG) Board of Directors this week fired the entire board of Botswana Post, this publication has been informed.

Botswana Postal & Savings Group is a holding company established by government to incorporate Botswana Savings Bank, Botswana Couriers & Logistics and Botswana Post. According to a highly placed source at Poso House who spoke on condition of anonymity, at a closed meeting held last week the BPSG Board reached a resolution to dissolve the entire Botswana Post Board of Directors.

It is not clear what influenced the decision to dismiss the board at a time when Botswana Post is seemly progressing well with reducing losses and progressing towards sustainability and profitability. “There is no clear indication if the decision comes from the ministry or not but the holding company has all the power to appoint and dismiss the board or any employ of its three subsidiaries,” explained the source.

The dismissed Botswana Post board Chair Mr. Pedro Matau could not be reached for comment while Botswana Postal & Savings Group Board Chair Mr Puma Matlhware told WeekendPost that a communiqué would be released in due course to explain the decision. “I am not in a position to comment on the matter right now but I can confirm my board reached a resolution to relieve the board of one of our subsidiaries its duties effective immediately,” he said. Matlhware said further explanation would be made in the statement yet to be released.

Information reaching this publication also reveals that a new board is already constituted and is likely to assume its role on July 1. “The new board is being set up and we are expecting more changes, there are likely to be changes in the executive management as a new board always brings in a new crop it deems fit to drive the company mandate,” noted a source.

Following a decision in 2009 to merge Botswana Savings Bank and Botswana Post as well as Botswana Couriers a holding company was set up in 2013 to incorporate all the three companies. Botswana Postal & Savings Group Board was announced in December that year, the company’s sole mandate is to provide products and services in the areas of courier & logistics, postal, financial and Banking to Batswana through the three subsidiaries at affordable rates.

Botswana Post has in recent years transformed their operations to incorporate innovation and techno based means of delivering their products and services. In their latest financial reports it was evident that the new strategy led by Chief Executive Officer, Cornelius Ramathakwane was bearing fruits.  The company has transformed their service delivery model to add structured commercial activities to using high tech and digital mechanism, providing and proximity to government services.

The company has also provided convenient ways of servicing water utilities and electricity bills settlement purchases to their customers amongst others. WeekendPost has however learned that a whole management overhaul will be instituted in no time as the company is further transformed.

“The whole mandate of this Holding company was to reduce losses of these entities, come up with better management systems and remodel it, so it might just start taking shape now, everyone is playing their cards close to the chest as no one is certain of their future here,” explained the source who further noted that government’s plans was to see postal and saving services completely independent from subvention or loans from the national treasury.



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