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Duet rays Colours

Publishing Date : 12 June, 2018


‘Black Mampatile’ hit maker, Amantle Brown has collaborated with Botswana’s finest disc jockey and producer, DJ Kuchi on a new love song, ‘Colours’. The single dropped yesterday (Friday).

Amantle brown is a local RNB singer with hit songs like ‘Moratiwa,’ and ‘Follo’. She has collaborated with a few local stars including notably Juju Boy for their hit single ‘Follo’ and hip-hop sensation Spiza. The award winning singer, performer, dancer, song writer cum business woman is among Botswana’s best talents.

DJ Kuchi, born Kunaal Jinabhai is a Botswana based DJ and producer who has been in the music industry for more than 10 years now. He started off producing for some local and international artists before recording his first album 7 years ago. He has played alongside some of the best known DJs in the industry, including Fresh, Euphonik, Kent, Black Coffee, Culoe De Song Christos, Ricardo da Costa (Soul Candi), Claude, Blackwhole, Soul T and many others. Locally, he has produced for a number of artists, among them Mr O, of Tshaba Tshutshu fame and Zeus among others.

In an interview with WeekendLife, she said that she had been working with DJ Kuchi for a month now and that they were experimenting with their sounds and ended up with the hit. “I started working with Kuchi a month ago. He called for some song of his own. When I got there he said I love this vibe. Let’s just keep recording a song every week. While we were recording, I heard a beat then I said I like this one can I do something on it. So I took it home and I wrote the song and I liked it,” she said.

Nonetheless, after working on the song she was still skeptical about it. “When the song was done, when I was listening to it, I felt something was missing but could not put my finger on it. We kept working on it without stopping,” she added. She further added: “We worked until we found what was missing. It’s a beautiful piece. I hope people love it. It’s different. I don’t want to tell people which genre it is, I want them to figure it out themselves,” she said.

She however hinted that it is a love song, and shared a few lines from the song with this reporter. “The song is a love song, I would say. It goes like ‘my love will never die, re kgaogangwa ke leso, ke a swa ke a ikepela.’ So it’s a typical love song. It just delivers in delivery of the lyrics and the melody of the song.” The song bird said she enjoyed working with DJ Kuchi and hopes that there will be more future collaborations with him. 



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