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Touch not the DIS Queen!

Publishing Date : 04 June, 2018


While impeccable sources are of the view that the new Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) spy boss, Brigadier Peter Magosi will have to play his cards close to his chest in determining the future of the once untouchable ‘Queen’ of DIS, Magosi is however not moved by the queen.

The queen, who is the head of the special task team, is the only other person who knows the depth and extent of inventory of the agency besides the former spy boss, Isaac Kgosi according to insiders.  She was more involved in procurement and managing petty cash. The queen was recently forced into garden leave and only comes to the office on a directive from the spy boss-to assist the secret agency with some information as the department is undergoing an internal audit.

She has since been placed under heavy surveillance and is tailed by intelligence officers everywhere she goes. It is suspected her house was being used to stash some security equipment belonging to the DIS. Her yard is heavily secured, with security cameras all around it. A source close to the events says the issue of whether and or how to fire her has now become the department’s everyday subject. “But, if dismissed now, it can undermine the department’s efforts to recover a lot of stuff, especially paper trail. This is someone who ran the department solely with Kgosi.”

“It is however understood that Magosi has been advised to grant her some form of immunity from prosecution. She will be turned into a State witness as she has all the information,” said an insider. He went on to state that Magosi was advised that should the queen be prosecuted, she might destroy the records and government will fail to recover their assets.

When reached for a comment on Friday, Magosi could not confirm or deny allegations that they were working on turning the queen into a state witness against her erstwhile friend Kgosi. “Whether she hides the information or destroys it, I will still find it. I am not after anybody, including the queen herself. My task is to reunite the DIS, reunite the nation!” noted Magosi.

“My anger is gone. Thanks to the Lord God whom I live for. I am a different person today than who I was during our fights in 2014. I am here for the nation and not for myself.” And when quizzed on what anger he was talking about, the spy boss said, “I was angry because I felt terribly betrayed by my own nation that I had sacrificed so much for. I was hurt, for being accused for something that I have not done, that I stole some equipment.”

One attorney who did not want to be named said people should look at the DIS case differently, “The chaos at the DIS was created by the past leadership. They are the ones who set up a tradition and culture, and all these people including the likes of her had to conform. They probably thought that’s how spy activities work.”

The attorney went on to say that half of the spy agency staff was doing the work that they were not supposed to do, but they thought it was part of their mandate.  “They were used to protect investments of some selfish individuals. It would be fair enough if the queen can be turned into an accomplish witness.”

On other issues, Kgosi who people in the intelligence circle are adamant will soon be brought to book say he is now living a life of fear, something that he was known to instil on other people. “He is holding meetings in his Phakalane house almost every day.” Kgosi could not be reached for comment as his phone rang unanswered at the time of going to press.



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