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Magosi to Jesus!

Publishing Date : 29 May, 2018


Hip-Hop legends, Real Magosi who have followed in the footsteps of many a musician in Botswana who have converted to Christianity, ultimately switching their genre to Gospel say that the 360 turnaround has not affected their fan base.

The duo of Lance (Ciedoman) and Kabo (Khabba) Moroka, who are the remaining members of the Motswako outfit, say that the past year, since their shift in music and lifestyle has shaped them as better role models. Music legends in the country seem to be finding refuge in the gospel music genre. It all started with kwaito king Vee Mampeezy following, Shumba Ratshega then Karabo ‘Lehenza’ now The Real Magosi followed in the same path after they experience what they believe to be the touch of God.

The group, which originally had four members, re-branded last year as Jesus Inspired Kings, aligning themselves to Christianity and a new different lifestyle. In an interview with WeekendLife, the group Co-Founder Moroka said that they have decided to re brand because they are now leading a different lifestyle.

“The Real Magosi was about a certain lifestyle which cheered drinking alcohol, smoking and parting and the group was associated with that content. We were living what we were singing about. So we decided to rebrand and bring a 360 turnaround,” he explained.
Moroka highlighted that they made the change as they wanted to now bring a positive brand that they can associate with.

“In 2012 we made a turnaround because we were looking at the issues of image. We wanted to build a brand and use music as a tool. We understood the role of role models so we noticed that a lot of young people who supported us also copied what we portrayed. Engaging in Marijuana, alcohol and partying had an impact in people who loved us because they also did that,” he said. The group also wanted to use their talent to influence people positively as they now understand the power of talent and music as well as the amount of influence they have towards people.

“We live what we preach, we do not tell people to practice sober habits yet when they are not around we engage in substance, drug and alcohol. We have changed and we wanted music that is inspiring. We have also had the privilege to go around schools to teach them about sober habits and to also be role models to this young ones,” he explained.

Although they have shifted to gospel nothing much has changed in terms of beats, content and energy. “Fans did not go up or down, we still have our fans. Even the kind of shows we did not get before we are getting them now. We are now attracting the corporate world. People who were hesitant to work with us are willing to work with us now,” he said. He further explained that transforming has advantaged them at family level and at community level.  “We are at peace with people. Schools are trusting us with their students. Schools are at ease because they know we are living what we preach,” Moroka said.



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