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P2 million Carnival

Publishing Date : 24 April, 2018


Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) is on a mission to restore its finances. The union has consequently organized a carnival that will feature local artists only and hope to raise P 2 million through it. But the union is also hoping to kill two birds with one stone as there are more hopes of reliving the 90s vibe where local artists filled up stadia without the help of foreign acts.

According to BOMU president, Pagson Ntsie, the event, billed for April 28 at Molapo Stanbic Piazza is the first of its kind and should build local artists up and unite them.  The carnival, he said, was initiated by some local artists who thought that was just what the music industry needed. “This is an initiative by some artists from last year; and these are: Vee, ATI, Slizer and Skavenja. The purpose of this carnival is to bring almost all artists under one roof. They believe it is time to bring back the 90s vibe whereby locals would fill up stadia without the help of foreign acts,” he explained.

Ntsie further said the idea would help the union’s bank account, which has been depleted. He said in recent times; when the union lost some members, a lump sum of money was contributed for their send-off, and this contributed to the union being bankrupt. “Please note that most of the artists who have passed away were buried with Bomu coffers and this has drained BOMU accounts and we must raise funds to safeguard against similar situations,” he cited.

Recently, Vincent ‘Steez’ Tiro and Charma Gal’s dancers succumbed to car accidents, leaving the country reeling in shock. Says Ntsie: “The organisation contributed lumps sum of money during the loss of Johnny Kobedi (P14000), after the loss of Donald Botshelo P10, 000 was contributed,for Andries Bok the union contributed P13000, and for Cisco B P10,000 was contributed. P10 00 was contributed for Steez’s memorial service while Charma Gal's dancers’ memorial service costed approximately P15, 000.”

Ntsie further explained that they needed money to revive the organisation. “We need P2 million to be placed at a better position to fully execute our mandate,” he said. He said, the BOMU Project Coordinator Gilbert ‘PP’ Seagile was in charge of the event through his company Gilbert Promotions and the event would be protective of local artists as they only will be in the line-up.

“We want to protect our market like other countries do with their own. We must limit the number of foreign acts entering the country just like we do with vegetables at the border. Why are we not infiltrating their market? Why should we give jobs to foreign acts? We want Batswana to believe in their artists like South Africans do.

Look how they do their end of year festivals, no foreign act is invited there, and they do their own thing,” he explained.He added that the BOMU carnival will be an annual event but will be extended to the 8 District Chapters around the Country. The admission fee will be P50 in advance and P70 at the Gate. Thirty-five artists are expected to bring the roof down at the much anticipated event.



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