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UDC meets to calm down BCP, BMD

Publishing Date : 23 April, 2018


The main opposition party Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) will meet next week to address issues emanating from concerns registered by some of its contracting partners.

The UDC which is a coalition of Botswana National Front (BNF), Botswana Congress Party (BCP), Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) and Botswana Peoples Party (BPP) has admitted that it is facing some problems. Speaking to WeekendPost this week the BCP leader Dumelang Saleshando conceded when asked by this publication that “indeed there are a lot of problems in the UDC” but would not want to be drawn into discussing the matter further.

He stated that the UDC therefore will meet next week and top on the agenda will be to review the previous congress and the ‘state of affairs’ in the umbrella party and see whether congress resolutions have been fully implemented. Asked if it is true that the BCP is considering pulling out of the UDC, Saleshando treaded carefully only stating that “BCP has not yet taken a resolution at the Central Committee level”.

The BCP leader could only mention that: “BCP is still weighing its options and; it will surely be an agenda at the party next NEC meeting (before July).” For his part, the BMD leader, Sidney Pilane only had this to say: “I have read from our press that some may be thinking of leaving the UDC. Whereas once I regarded with interest what I read in the press, I long stopped doing so.

When it is in our press it is untrue; it is always the press pursuing an anti-UDC agenda and disseminating the carefully orchestrated propaganda of our political opponents. Until it actually happens, I will not believe it. If you want me to consider it as possibility, arrange for me to hear it from a source not associated with our press,” Pilane pointed out when contacted for comment by WeekendPost.

He continued: “if anybody does, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. We cannot cross a bridge which does not exist. Sir, I find that reporters either create these things, or get them from those whose aim is to undermine us and the UDC knowing of their fabrication the press will print them anyway. Kana I am saying to you that I do not believe you because of the lies you guys print about us almost daily,” the Advocate further highlighted.

For their part the BPP leader Motlatsi Molapisi said they were not aware of any contracting partner who is pulling out of the UDC. “I have never heard as I have not been attending the meetings but my colleagues never told me about those. We will address those when we meet on the 24th though we have not received anything official from UDC office.”

If reports of some contracting partners pulling out are anything to go by, there could be decisions ahead for the leading party, the BNF as it will have to choose to remain in the Umbrella with the BMD and the BPP or to ‘walk away’ with the BCP. Some political observers are of the view that the BNF is caught in a “political love triangle” of some sort.

Nelson Ramaotwana of the BNF issued a statement which he concluded thus: “I call upon BNF members to disregard baseless stories planted by faceless sources who are on DIS payroll. Journalists are not a problem. The problem is those of us who have an agenda to destroy other comrades by giving journalists false stories. Journalists should also go an extra mile of verifying information given to them by paid mercenaries.”

Meanwhile this week, the BCP leader, Saleshando made public pronouncements that he will contest for the 2019 general election in his home village of Maun. It is not clear if the BMD has acceded into giving him Maun West swapping it with Francistown West. Saleshando could not be drawn into discussing the matter.



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