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Maitisong Arts Festival 2018 opens in style

Publishing Date : 16 April, 2018


The annual Maitisong Arts Festival 2018 edition kick started on Thursday night at Maitisong Theatre in Maruapula on a high note. Themed Lore Lo Ojwa Lo Sa Le Metsi the 2018 edition is aimed at nurturing the growing Creative Arts Industry and playing part in helping it fulfil its potential.

 The focus is on supporting young local artists through the festival by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and abilities. Creative arts industry in Botswana is considered by many to be a viable and potential major contributor towards the economy. When officially opening the festival, which was attended by the First Lady Neo Masisi, Gaborone City Mayor Kagiso Thutlwe appealed to government to support the creative arts industry. He appealed to president Masisi to consider building art theatres and challenged everyone to take responsibility in taking the arts industry to greater heights. Thutlwe wants Botswana to match counterparts in the region in the realm of creative arts.  

The festival kick started with a play titled Lore directed by Maitisong Director Tefo Paya. The spectacular masterpiece displayed the best of choreography accompanied by captivating music. The production showed that Batswana has enormous talent and the execution took the fully packed theatre to believe that everything is possible.

The festival is a joint venture between Maitisong and its stakeholders, partners and donors. In line with their mandate as a cultural resource Centre, they are featuring a varied and exciting line up of paid and free performances, and workshops, in celebration of the country’s arts and culture. The festival generally covers aspects of Education and Culture, History and tradition, Health, Finance and Public issues. The event was inducted by David Slater, the founding Director of Maitisong as well as Gao Lemmenyane who has been the Director of Maitisong lately. The event was also graced by representatives from various organisations and the creative arts industry. 



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