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Dive in: transformation Bible Study tips

Publishing Date : 16 April, 2018


‘Conquering the Giants’ author, Ashley Thaba has written yet another book, ‘Dive In’ which, she says, is an in depth practical Bible study guide. Thaba is an American author, mother and Bible teacher who has been in Botswana for 18 years. She is married to a Motswana doctor, Percy Thaba.

Six years ago, Ashley shared the horrific ordeal of negligence by doctors at a private hospital that resulted in her baby, Caleb, missing significant parts of his brain through the book, ‘Conquering the Giants.’ In her latest offering, she is offering Christians unique notes they can use for personal devotion grounded on the actual word of God. The book can also be used by group cells as curricular for Bible studies.

At the time she moved to Botswana in 2000, she worked with government schools in Francistown teaching the Bible and abstinence. She has a degree from Furman University in religions of the world. Additionally, she did full time ministry for 15 years (9 years in USA, 2 years in Botswana, and 4 years in Canada) before deciding to stay at home with their 3 children full time during their formative years. This has led her to be a sought after teacher on Biblical and spiritual issues. She is a respected leader of the Open Baptist Church.

According to Ashley, to day, Christians make dangerous assumptions as people logically deduce how they assume God must be instead of studying the Bible to find out who He says He is. This she says is mainly because Christians base their theology on a mix of popular sayings by various televangelists and logic.  

‘Dive In’ is written for various people who would either want to read the Bible for transformation of their lives through the study of various scriptures; and for readers who would want to experience a paradigm shift deriving from how they use their Bible study material as opposed to reading only motivational books. The book includes two different studies: a student study and a facilitator’s study which includes notes that would help a facilitator guide the conversation of a study by giving talking points after each verse.

In the first chapter of the book, the author shares her won journey of how she moved away from reading motivational books to exerting all her energy and zeal into reading the Bible. In the second chapter, readers can expect to learn of the different benefits that will come from putting away motivational books in favour of the Bible. The third chapter of the book explains the historical reliability, the origins of how we got the Bible and outlines a general synopsis of every single book of the Bible, to pique the reader’s interest and demystify this ancient text.

Interestingly, the fourth chapter is where the reader will get to ‘dive in’ as the author takes the reader through the Bible verse by verse, teaching practical ways of reading the Bible for spiritual gratification. Readers can expect to be completely engaged throughout and grow deeper into their faith as the book offers practical methods of studying the Bible whether alone or as part of a group cell. 

The book is available at Exclusive Books at Riverwalk and at the Winner’s Chapel Bookstore for P100. Arrangements can be made for those outside Gaborone by contacting the author via her Facebook page ‘Mom to Mom: Parenting Consultations’ for further arrangements.
In all, Ashley has authored three books, ‘Conquering the Giants,’ ‘Healthy Eating Cookbook’ and ‘Dive In.’ She is also a contributing author to three different ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ books, which have sold millions around the world. She has also been widely published in various magazines and online publications throughout the years.



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