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Castle Lite unlocks Botswana’s future rappers

Publishing Date : 16 April, 2018


The Friday CastleLite Unlocks extra cold refreshment event recently billed for Molapo Piazza was received with mixed feelings.

While the event unlocked both the potential and unleashed the best of Botswana’s hip hop artistic talent, some revellers felt adding local artists to the line-up could have made the event perfect. At a poorly attended but exceptionally paraded Castlelite décor the young all time people’s favourite Dramaboi put together a sterling performance. Ban- T, Veezo and Dramaboi also enjoyed their performance sharing the stage with South African counterpart Frank Casino.

Despite their spirited performance, the crowd was unresponsive blaming the promoters for hosting a hundred percent hip hop show, something that is unusual and rare locally. Judging from events of the day, it was clear that Batswana are not yet fully accustomed to the tradition and customs of the hip hop culture. There was popular chorus that local favourite acts like Charma Gal could have spiced up the occasion and brought it to life.

However, credit should be given to legends like Scar who have fought the battle and remained relevant until today succeeding in taking the game to the people. With more than 10 years still trying to shape the foundation that was set by legendary groups such as Third Mind, the young, energetic and very talented crop of young rappers looks very promising and have already won the hearts of youth. About five years ago Dramaboi aka Makeishane proved his worth as he churned out hit after hit becoming the favourite with his township music.

His strength lies in his creative ability in writing lyrics and his flow mixing Setswana and English in his songs. The Candy hit- maker is also known for taking his personal life to lyrics and storytelling something that won him many hearts. In the beginning of last year arrived fresh blood, the crop that is determined to show power and vigour towards their art. With the coming of Ban- T, the game changed altogether as he bagged many awards, was seen as the future of hip hop and the master of his game.

He collaborated with South Africa’s Tshego from Cassper Nyovest studios an achievement that promised a lot of good things to come his way. While at his peak, the super dangerous combination of Veezo and Yaw Bannerman arrived. However, after their grand entrance the future of Hip Hop in Botswana looks very certain.

The public will soon be served humble pie and hopefully get acclimatized to the new genre. However, this new genre still needs to be perfected to meet the needs of the local industry. Even though they carry the credit, they still have a high mountain to climb in order to convince the multitudes about their niche and engage with them in order to appreciate their art.



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