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Maun Easter Bash Promoter faces legal action

Publishing Date : 09 April, 2018


The organizer of the Maun Easter Bash which was scheduled over the Easter Holidays in Maun might soon face the wrath of the law after he left artists stranded and desperate in Maun, following a flopped event. Leciatainment, a South African company is said to be pursuing the promoter who failed to honour contractual agreements.

Leciatainment manages Fifi Cooper, Trademark and McKenzie among others. WeekendLife has learnt that, the artists under its management, were scheduled to perform in Botswana from 29th March at Big 5 lodge, 30th at My Kind of Place (MKOP), Dladleng Entertainment and Mochtown Easter. 

It is alleged that the Maun Easter Bash promoter took advantage of this fact and booked them for his event which was expected to take place at Horse Trail farm. Because it was a last minute agreement, the deal was that the event organizer, Tiroyabotlhe Kebaitsang would initially a deposit amount to enable them to reach Maun and then settle the remaining balance upon their arrival. A sum of P20, 000 was then credited for the artists, which they used for their transportation to Maun.

However when they reached the Horse Trail farm, it is reported, there was less than ten people at the venue, including security guards and a few local acts who were billed to also perform. The promoter, Kebaitsang was nowhere to be seen and his mobile phones were off, according to reports. The crew’s local manager Gilbert PP Seagile of Gilbert Promotions confirmed the events of the night to WeekendLife and said Kebaitsang has the habit of being embroiled in similar situations time and again.

A statement from Leciatainment Camp reads, “When we tried to find out on Tiro’s whereabouts we were told he fled the scene and ran into the nearby bush and we couldn’t reach his mobile phones. We also realised that most artists there being locals were also taken for a ride and they were all fuming including the sound guys and the security company. We also found out that the accommodation that he confirmed was big lie and we ended up having to book for ourselves”.

The statement in conclusion reads, “We are disappointed in the conduct of Mr Tiro and we have given our Manager in Botswana PP Seagile the go ahead with the legal action against the promoter to ensure we recover our expenses and the outstanding balance as well as the humiliation that our artists had to go through and want to send a strong message to this fly by night promoters who continue to book artists outside their budget and no business knowledge.”



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