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Raise Gospel Stars show scouts for raw talent

Publishing Date : 13 March, 2018


Solely aimed at scouting and grooming raw talent, Raise Gospel stars will be headed to Maun, then Masunga and Bobonong to hunt and identify voices that can be nurtured for season 1, Phase 2 of the show.

Raise Gospel Stars is a Television reality show that aims at scouting and nurturing, developing and capacitating upcoming and aspiring Gospel artist across the country. The show was established to revamp the gospel music industry and keep the integrity of the gospel genre. It is run by musical and lyrical giants in the Gospel industry who have left a mark in the local gospel music genre being Joel Rebaone Keitumele and Tshepo Lesole. In an interview with WeekendLife, Keitumele explained that being the presenter of Melodi ya Kgalaletso made him see the need and the loophole in the gospel industry.

“I saw talent coming, coming out and dying. I witnessed that. Sometimes you would notice that this is an authentic talent and when I came to notice the reason, it was because of nothing else but lack of character. A gift is just a gift alone and it never grows, what makes a gift to grow is character. It is the character that keeps the gift relevant with times. I would see people talented but because of character the gift dies. Hence why this show,” he said.

So, he explained that the show was made in a way that it will be elongated, and, for artists to have sustainability in what they are doing so that their talent may not die easily. “I was also inspired by other shows, Idols and other talent shows. I have been watching them and I thought, you know I can do something like this. As for mine, I did not want to have one winner. In every area I get into we should have a winner. If I go to Ghanzi, I want to have that star, any place I go to,” he said.

The project was funded by CIPA to run the whole program. They will also be travelling with CIPA to Maun to go teach on issues of Piracy.  “We are trying to teach our stars to learn to respect their talent so that they understand that if they do not respect it no one will take them serious,” he said

Participants of the show will be taken through a mentorship program where they will be given foundations on music such as music business, they will be given briefs on how to market and brand themselves as artists. “After mentorship, they will be auditions immediately. We are looking at talent not doctrine or where a person fellowships. We will be travelling with a mobile studio because we noticed that people have talent but services are accessible mostly to people in Gaborone. Many can’t continue with their craft because of limitations,” he said.

Although many show have only one winner in a season. Raise Gospel Star is different in the sense that they will be having six winners. “We are not raising one star but we are raising gospel stars. I wanted a show where many people get to win. In season one, they should be one winner who will be winning recording deals,” Keitumele said.

Winners of the competition, gets away with an 8 track album, Raise Gospel Star also gets everything about the CD covered and their music get to be branded. They also have their album launched with an account having P5 000 so that they can save all the profits made from their CD and their craft. The show also looks into documenting their programs so as they can start airing in local television stations such as Maru Television, Botswana Television and Access Television. Previous winners comprises of Thuto Majaga from Ghanzi, Boitshepo Rabodietso from Kanye and Melao e Lesome.



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