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Embracing travel as a lifestyle

Publishing Date : 05 March, 2018


A local company Moahi Travel and Tours is currently embarking on a new trend aimed at inspiring local travel. Themed ‘Go tsamaya ke go bona’ the initiative is intended at exploring a new way of seeing the country from the road using 4x4 vehicles in a bid to grow our local tourism.

According to the company, Botswana has all the ingredients for unforgettable expeditions. It says it will enhance this year’s travel and dedicate its energy to establishing a 4x4 club that will travel the country and build a culture of adventure tourism in Botswana. Moahi Travel and Tours is a travel agency that offers a variety of packages to Botswana's most attractive destinations. The company allows for group and individual tours with the clients specifications taken into account. They also take people to the country's biggest tourism events whilst bridging the gap between the north and south. Their ultimate goal is to provide an unforgettable experience to customers.

According to Ruri Gobuamang, a partner at Moahi Travel, the idea was conceived in 2016 and they had hoped for a bigger event but upon facing challenges in procuring sponsorship they gave it a break. They opted to start small with the club level but reaching out to the international community in other to lure in sponsorship. Gobuamang said idea was to have a three day eventful holiday at Makgadikgadi with activities such as obstacles, tug of war and a small gathering to appreciate folk music in order to incorporate the arts.

Gobuamang said as a club they have also engaged 4x4 Botswana through Kanjabanga and others to help them execute their concept. They have also engaged international 4x4 companies from South Africa who are more than willing to participate in the event. He said they will identify a suitable camping site in Makgadikgadi where they are willing to spend atleast two days. “We do not want to limit this event to 4x4s only, everyone who has a bakkie that is suitable for travelling can join the crew,” he said. He also highlighted that a meeting where they will discuss all the logistics and how they can lure sponsors is scheduled and will be communicated soon. The idea is set for the President’s Day holidays.       

While speaking to WeekendLife Moahi Travel and Tours Director Moahi Moahi said each day they ask themselves where they are going next, where there is so much to see and so much to do, “the idea is always to find places that offer one more than they imagined,” he said.  
He said the idea is to build the club around people who have a passion for 4x4's and embrace travelling as a lifestyle. Moahi is of the view that people make travelling an activity worth doing as there is a social aspect to it.

“If you own a 4x4 and love going places then we are more than happy to start this whole thing with you,” he reiterated. With time, he said, they will be able to build a sustainable club which profits its members and has a significant impact on local tourism and establishing a strong social culture around local tourism.

They have in the past engaged potential sponsors who have shown a great desire in supporting them, some of which are very prominent when it comes to matters of 4x4 events in neighbouring South Africa. He said they will continue working with them in the same spirit. “If you have a strong desire to be a part of all of this, subscribe to our page. We will schedule a meeting and invite all those who have interest,” concluded Moahi.



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