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US’s LaMonki finally hits our streets

Publishing Date : 05 March, 2018


Although the concept was conceived and designed in the United States of America, LaMonki was created for Batswana and Africa as a whole. The concept is the brainchild of a Motswana designer based in Texas, USA, Godwill Ngoni Daniel also known as Dagee or DJ Dagizus.

It all started in 2004, and according to Daniel, it was all to honour and embrace his late mother's sense of fashion as she was a well known fashionista and fashion icon in Francistown. The name LaMonki derives from his mother, Priscilla Ndiko Daniel’s childhood name “Monki”. He added "La" because it represents the “queen” and to make it unique in case there is another Monki out there.

It took 12 years for the idea to be brought to reality. In 2016, he initially   started with a trucking company named LaMonki Transportation still based in Texas, USA. Later on that year, he created the clothing collection to remember and continue the fashion sense that his mother had. According to Daniel his mother was a loving, caring and outspoken woman that inspired people around her in many ways.

A metaphor for supreme craftsmanship, LaMonki Collection showcases African aesthetics in a contemporary language that caters for people of different ages and heritage, from infants to adults, boys to girls and women to men. “We intend on adding active wear to our gallery, so we can help promote healthy living,” said Daniel.

His mission is to inspire young people to feel good and live better through striving to responsibly make a meaningful product that not only exemplifies lifestyle, but also enhances the ability to live it. LaMonki Collection was not only created for exposure, but for love, with love, by love, according to Daniel. It’s purpose is to give hope to the hopeless, love and faith by creating employment for the youth. “All what they have to do is to plug in and connect with the collection by selling its merchandise to friends and family and make extra income. The other purpose is also to engage Batswana or Africans to support local or small businesses striving to survive the hardships.”

Daniel revealed that they locate and get materials in the USA where they are based; brand some of the merchandise and take the rest jobs such as screen printing and heat press to Africa or overseas. This, he says, empowers locals and gives the youth a chance to prove themselves, have financial freedom and become independent. “If you think this is a small project, you are mistaken as it helps in reducing crime rate by keeping young people occupied. It might also help in boosting the economy, as the current research shows that unemployment in Botswana is at about 18.1%,” he said.

The team has ambassadors comprising of selected individuals with a following and their job is to represent a brand to targeted customers in order to increase awareness, create a specific image, generate sales opportunities and build customer preference. In other words, they are the face of the brand and wear the brand. The list includes Thabo “Untshwarable” Bolokwe who is a musician and a loved radio personality in Botswana and Ntombi Sheba, a professional model in Botswana and part of the street team.

The street team comprises of hungry young people who are willing to sell and promote the collection in social media and in return get 10% of each sale. Most of them are unemployed youth with college qualifications and in need of anything they can put their hands on in order to make extra cash. They are given unique “sales codes” which they give or share with their friends so that when friends buy using such sales code they get paid.

These are people who go out of their way to do everything for the collection, like getting involved in photo shoots, street marketing, stall selling and word of mouth promotion. “Research shows that youth and teens spend about 9 hours a day online chatting with friends, especially on Facebook & Instagram. With such time, they will spend some of it sharing their sales codes with friends and selling LaMonki,” he highlighted.

Their products range from shoes, caps, t- shirts, bags, Sox, hats, pants and they are also available online, but for Botswana they have variety of t-shirts and caps which can be purchased from Opene at 71532207, otherwise the rest of the products like sneakers will follow soon. You can catch them at their webasite www.lamonki.com



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