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Kavindama’s vintage cars give artists uplift

Publishing Date : 05 March, 2018


It is safe to say for the next coming years; the name ‘vintage car’ will be associated with the budding female entrepreneur, Ineeleng Kavindama, known as the ‘Queen of fashion’, in fashion circles.

What started merely as an idea has been transformed into reality. Kavindama has found a niche market in one of her passions. Starting next week, the vintage cars will now be available for hire. The older the model, the more valuable the car is, in terms of pricing for hiring. Under her company Ineeleng Holdings, she has 12 fleet of vintage wheels namely; the Austin 10 (1947), Holden (1967), Mercedes Benz (1971), Rover P6 (1973), Rolls Royce Vanden Plas Princess (1965), Austin Cambridge (1963) and Range Rover (1983),Volkswagen (1973), MG Midget (1950s) among others.

The introduction of the Vintage Cars by Kavindama has seen several artists, designers, athletes and other individuals benefiting in various arrangements. In fact, yesterday (Friday), her vintage collection was part of President Ian Khama’s motorcade during his farewell visit to Thamaga. Botswana International athlete, Isaac Makwala has been engaged as part of the promotion. As part of the deal, Makwala will benefit from enjoying a ride in one of the vintage cars every time he lands home from international duty.

Others engaged by Kavindama include comedian, Juju Vine, who will feature in the company’s TV commercials. Archie Seboni, a South African based TV personality as well as the famous Donald Moloi form part of the star-studded individuals engaged by the queen of fashion’s vintage car company.   

Keno Suits supplies the costume that features in promotional materials, while tertiary students have been involved in the production of the TV commercial, as well as the graphics. 

“I wanted to celebrate our artists and give them a chance to shine. If we do not give them a chance and respect nobody will,” Kavindama told WeekendLife. “I wanted to accommodate different and as many players as possible. That’s the only way to grow as a country, by engaging our own and ensuring that money circulates among us.”

Kavindama said it is necessary to involve others even when you have the potential to do something alone, so that you give others a chance to shine as well. Kavindama, a very big fan of the entertainment industry, said Botswana can also create its own Hollywood like the Americans by working together, and giving each other opportunities.  A special 10 percent discount for artist is in place, as a way of supporting them. 

There are many reasons people are excited by classic, vintage or antique cars. The most prominent one of course is their rarity. You just do not find them as randomly as you would with later models. As a result they have the ‘wow’ factor to those who encounter them.  Nostalgia definitely plays a large part in the appeal of vintage cars. People look at what they are associated with, they all have a history that resonates with iconic moments such as those which were used or made during World War I or II.

It’s the same wow factor feeling people encountered when they ‘met’ the vintage cars during Valentine’s Day. Kavindama has strategically placed them in three key areas; Masa, The Grand Palm and Avani for the public to view and take pictures. The cars will be displayed at the upcoming Fashion Without Borders billed for April this year.

For Kavindama, it comes down to her passion - she has always loved antique collections. According to Kavindama, vintage wheels will also come as a boost to Botswana’s tourism. She says with her collection, people would be able to come and view the cars.




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