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Scar’s Sick Man single

Publishing Date : 05 February, 2018


Legendary award winning Hip Hop artist, Thato Matlhabaphiri aka Scar might have just proven he is a timeless rapper through his new single, “Sick Man” which is making the right waves on both local radio stations and social media.  

The rapper is currently working on his upcoming album, “Songs for Adrian” which he says is more personal and a trademark. The album is dedicated to his only son, Adrian. In an interview with WeekendLife the Metlholo hit-maker said his upcoming album is a self-autobiography that will tell the story of his life. “If I have to write a letter and burry it underground I would do that but now I have music,” he said. He jokingly reveals that the people around him, more especially his family think that he is sick but that is not the case.

“Songs for Adrian” will be Scar’s fourth studio recording album and will feature a number of local artists such as Veezo, ATI, Ban- T, Ozi F Teddy, Lizibo and Charma Gal amongst those that have confirmed. It will also feature South Africa’s Thembisa born rapper Reason, Mafikeng born Tuks Senganga as well as Kimberley born Proverb. The album is produced by the ever hardworking Drak who is the man behind Scar’s 2017’s Dimakatso track featuring MMP Family.

The versatile rapper, having made his mark in the music industry, has also spent some time in radio. He enjoyed successful stints as presenter of the Yarona FM’s “Real Enchilada” alongside Tumi Ramden and also did “Mojo in the Morning” alongside Phenyo Moroka. Before that he presented two other shows alongside Sesame Mosweu, a late night spot and another early morning show. Sick Man is the first single off his sophomore album Songs for Adrian. The album is scheduled for release on the 25th August 2018, his son Adrian’s birthday.

He told this publication that he intends to take his music across Africa. “I want to make the best out of this album,” he said. Scar is one of Botswana’s few lyrically- gifted MCs whose knack for unleashing a powerful rendition on stage is unparalleled. He rose to continental fame after the release the first successful Hip Hop album in Botswana in 2003. “I guess my music has lagged behind but I am happy that people still appreciate me even when I am missing in action, they always support me,” he said.

He further added that he was open for collaboration with any willing artist. In a recent interview, he had said that he was interested in working with folk singer and instrumentalist, Ntirelang Berman. Berman is also a Botswana- based multi-award-winning choreographer and composer. “I love his creativity, his commitment and perseverance in what he does. I believe we can do a lot more so that both of us come out looking our best,” he was quoted as saying.



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