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Sex dolls: The new craze

Publishing Date : 05 February, 2018


The sex doll craze is currently sweeping across the world, but you would swear Botswana’s own folk musician, Stika Sola long predicted the future when he sang “Mosadi wa Legong.” 

The doll does not nag or answer back, and this might be the precise reason it is preferred over women-just the same reason Stika Sola preferred his wooden woman- submissive and obliging! The internet is bursting with silicone models of different sizes, colours and shapes- and almost all men approve of them, Batswana men are not exempt are some already fancy their chances with one of the dolls at some point!

There is a new word to describe individuals who uses high tech sex toys and gadgets for sexual gratification it is digi-sexual. Academics believe that in future, digi-sexuality will be counted as a sexual orientation. Further, they say, digisexuals will shun human partners in favour of the new kind of virtual reality porn and customisable robots able to speak and interact. And by the look of things, they are on to something. So far, by the look of things, men are excited about the use of sex dolls more than anything else ever! Just this week, a brothel stocked with sex dolls opened its doors to excited customers in the UK.

Although local men might not get to own one in Botswana because of legal reasons, their desire for one or few has been explicitly stated on social media. According to Publicity Secretary of Botswana Counselling Association, Keletso Tshekiso, the reason people engage sexually with dolls is because they are being used as an (sexual) aid.

“People opt for sex toys for sexual expression. This is a complex process through which we reveal our sexual self. They also do this for relaxation, for relief of sexual tension, because a partner is not available or does not want sex. Some do it for sexual pleasure, as an aid for not falling asleep and to avoid STI’s. Sex toys are used as an aid,” she said.

She however says that these dolls pose a threat of demeaning women and girls. “These dolls are made to be highly attractive thereby portraying women as exaggerated porn stars,” she said. Tshekiso further stated that she believes that in the future people will be marrying these sex robots, having babies with them and that we will also have digisexuality as a sexual orientation. But local pastors are saying their use is a sign of the end times.

In an Interview with WeekendLife, renowned Prophet Wycliff Haakantu, popularly known as the Game Changer who is also Goodwill Ambassador for Israel of Exceeding Grace Ministry International is of the view that the use of these objects is demonic.
“In as much as this thing looks right to their eyes this thing is not biblical, the bible says in the last days people will be lovers of themselves, boastful and people will do things as they wish. This is why we see these things coming up to day because the world has become corrupt. Today what we call abnormal is normal and what we call wrong is right in the sight of the world. This is why we find such things creeping into society.”

Haakantu argues that when creation was established God ordained a man and a woman and that all that we are seeing today that humanity has introduced is not biblical. “When God created man and woman he said they must and multiply and have children. You cannot multiply with a doll because it is not a living thing. These dolls are the works of man not the woks of God and you cannot compare the works of God with the works of the devil.

The work of man cannot overrule the work of God -that is an abomination. God gave us an instruction concern in Leviticus 18 concerning our sexuality. God forbids bestiality, incest. If God can forbid sexual acts from human to a human what more about those with dolls,” he said. Overseer of The Kingdom of God is at Hand, Ketshedile Modise has also condemned the use of sex dolls. “It is wrong. God did not design that at all. It's abomination. That is the same as idolatry. You cannot have an image which its role is to have sex with. Sex is correct in the boundaries of marriage between two human beings,” he said.



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