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BFA revises constitution - again

Publishing Date : 05 February, 2018


The Botswana Football Association (BFA) is on yet another constitution review drive, WeekendSport has learnt. At the beginning of this year, particularly during the second week of January, the association had assembled in its boardroom three lawyers, seeking their advice and expertise on which tweaks should be made and where on its constitution.

Ironically, the constitution was reported to have gone under scrutiny in 2015, just a few months before the BFA went for its elections.  According to reports, there are two arising issues that have now sent the association down the path of self-revival, as the issue of constitution amendment lingers inside their boardrooms.

The drafters of the idea believe that the constitution of BFA is not a static paper and, by all accounts, has to be changed to align it with the new times. Insiders also believe that the constitutional change that was touted to have been made almost three years ago was just a false alarm, and nothing noticeable has been done.

BFA advisers are reported to have engaged high ranking BFA members to consider moving administrative issues to the laps of the statutory bodies for purposes of immediate and definitive penalties, if any. More often than not, the association finds itself relying heavily on the guidance of the FIFA constitution because the BFA guiding document is seen to have many loop holes.

This also encouraged the advisers to sell an idea that is however not new within the files of the association-- to consider aligning their constitution with that of FIFA, the world football governing body. In September 25 2014, FIFA forwarded a communiqué to the local mother body with the issue of constituency tournaments at the top of the agenda. The association that was then led by flamboyant lawyer Tebogo Sebego had until March 16 2015 to ratify their statutes to be in line with those of FIFA. Part of the letter from FIFA read, “The association’s committee decided that the BFA must also ratify statutes in accordance with the FIFA standard statutes as required under Article 13 paragraph 1, before 16 March 2015”.

The association is expected to brief its regions regarding the looming intentions and changes probably before the congress, slated for July. The current reviewed BFA constitution came into effect in early 2002 and many members who were once associated with the past president are reportedly its masterminds. 

As before, those who push for constitutional amendment also want the assembly to reconsider implementing a non-confrontational strategy with the aim of attaining a win-win outcome to engage government with respect to the constituency tournaments. The argument on the ground is that the association’s constitution is rather silent on such issues and the government is not strategically lured to them in utilising money wisely. They argue that “a substantial amount of resources are being channeled to sport through constituency tournaments but main-line football has not benefited from these resources.

With yet another matter, the advisors seek to raise the voice of women in football. It is argued that article 18.8 should be amended and the current text be moved to article 12.1.4. This, in their own view will mean that article 18.8 will be complemented. The article in question in the current BFA constitution talks of Women Football committee, its establishment, composition and responsibility, while article 12.1.4 says “women in football shall comprise of women’s teams playing football in such areas and/or zones sections as the NEC may determine from time to time.”



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